Fastest Way To Get Upgrade Points In Batman: Arkham Knight

Grinding for WayneTech Points.

Compared to the previous installments in the franchise, earning enough upgrade points to max out Batman is pretty difficult to do in a single Arkham Knight playthrough. You cannot expect to complete some random side missions or rely on the main story alone to farm enough WayneTech Points to unlock everything.

The slow and grinding progression is because Batman: Arkham Knight only gives you a good amount of XP and upgrade points for doing story-based activities. The other activities or missions yield lower XP in comparison.

Hence, if you are looking to unlock the best upgrades in Batman: Arkham Knight, you need to know how to quickly farm WayneTech Points. Before going any further though, we advise you to own the DLC missions and challenges. Some of that content is necessary to earn a few quick points. Just get the season pass.

Complete AR Challenges

During the first few missions of the game, players will be able to spot AR challenge markers around the map. AR Challenges are quite similar to the Challenge Mode in the previous games where players would take part in challenges and try to score three medals for the maximum reward.

This time it has been revamped and taken the shape of tutorials to help players get used to the mechanics of Batman: Arkham Knight.

There is a total of six different challenge categories that become available to players as they progress through the main story of the game. Each category has a variation of challenges to complete and can net players a handsome amount of upgrade points as mentioned below:

  • Training Challenges: 6X Upgrade Points
  • Combat Challenges: 4X Upgrade Points
  • Predator Challenges: 4X Upgrade Points
  • Batmobile Race Challenges: 5X Upgrade Points
  • Batmobile Combat Challenges: 4X Upgrade Points

Exploit the Firefighters for infinite WayneTech Points

Several firefighters are being kept hostage around Gotham City. They are part of a side mission called Line of Duty that you can exploit to earn infinite XP. What you need to do is head to a firefighter location, but only beat up the thugs keeping them hostage.

Once the area is clear, leave. Do not rescue the firefighter. Leave him tied up. When you return, the thugs will have respawned. The thug standing over each firefighter grants a good amount of XP. You can keep repeating the process to farm as many upgrade points as you want, at least until you get bored.

This is one sure-shot way of getting enough WayneTech Points to unlock all upgrades in a single playthrough.

Beat the main story

Completing the main storyline of the game can reward players with loads of XP which ultimately results in more upgrade points for the Dark Knight but it doesn’t end there. Beating the main campaign also helps players unlock more areas and side missions which can earn WayneTech points for players to splurge on upgrades

Certain side missions give you free WayneTech Points

Roaming around as the sole protector of Gotham will allow Batman to indulge in some activities that can be rewarded with a handsome amount of upgrade points. One of the activities is called Most Wanted missions.

These Most Wanted missions are tasked by Alfred or found during the exploration of Gotham City where Batman is tasked to stop the plans of Scarecrow and Arkham Knight before they’re put into action. A total of seven of these side missions can be found in the game which earn players a bunch of Wayne Tech Points.

Complete the Season of Infamy DLC

One of the many expansion packs for the game includes the Season of Infamy which continues the story of the Most Wanted missions as Batman. Completing the DLC missions will provide players with extra upgrade points that can be spent on the remaining locked items in Batman: Arkham Knight

Start a NG+ playthrough

The New Gate Plus mode is one of the best features for returning players to max out their gear and abilities in Batman: Arkham Knight. Since there are more than 350 upgrades to choose from, the NG+ plus mode transfers all of the previous upgrade points to your new character and even lets you play the side activities for a second time.

This means that you’ll have a surplus of upgrade points which can help you max out your Batman and even use them for additional abilities that come with the DLCs.

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