Batman: Arkham City Challenges Guide

Do you have what it takes to be called the Dark Knight?

Batman: Arkham City features a challenge mode that allows you to prove your mettle in three different ways. Do not confuse them with the Riddler Challenges though which are collectibles that you need to find.

The challenge mode is something that you can sink more gameplay hours into after completing the main story. Achieve high scores in each challenge and upload them on the leaderboards for bragging rights. This is also how you show to your friends that you have mastered the skill to be called the Dark Knight.

How to complete all challenges in Batman: Arkham City

The number of challenges you have to complete is quite large; especially if you consider the difficulty modes, DLC challenges, characters, and the fact that they are all repeatable. Completing all of them is going to take you a lot of time, so completionists have their work cut out for them.

Batman: Arkham City has three types of challenges that are designed to test your combat, stealth, and physical attributes. Some of them can be completed at any point in the base game. Others require you to load up their challenge maps.

Combat Challenges

Combat Challenges are all about displaying your combat prowess. You will be taking on enemies that you need to defeat to reach a certain threshold of points. Reaching these marks will award you a medal, with each challenge having 3 max. Your goal is to clear the room efficiently, using knowledge about the enemy’s weakness to rank up your score.

Predator Challenges

Predator Challenges are similar to Combat Challenges where you need to depend on your combat mastery to overcome the challenge. The thing differentiating the two is that Predator Challenges need to be carried out in stealth, like stalking prey.

You will be taking on the role of a ruthless assassin by using smoke as your cover and performing various takedowns. Each challenge has two tiers of difficulties, normal and extreme, to mix things up a bit. There are different versions for different characters besides Batman, which include Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing.

Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges are tests of your physical abilities and how much control you have over your movements in Batman: Arkham City.

To test all areas of expertise, there are 40 of these challenges divided into 4 main categories: Navigational, Combat, Gadget, and Predator. You will have completed most of them by playing the game naturally while others require a few more complex steps to follow.

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