How To Revive Characters In Baldur’s Gate 3

Reviving companions is both fun and a headache. Here's you can do it in multiple ways.

During your adventure through Baldur’s Gate 3, there will be times when your party members will go down despite your best efforts, and then you’ll need to revive them.

Sometimes, when facing a very tough opponent, one of your characters can get knocked out. Unlike other games, you don’t restart at a checkpoint and must continue the game until all your party is wiped out. Alternatively, you can try to revive the downed character and bring them back into the fight.

Reviving brings the downed character back to life. There are many ways to do so, some free, but others may require you to spend some gold. It may seem like too much, but the fact that you can get a character back who is seemingly dead is priceless.

Methods to Revive Dead Party Members

There are at least four ways to bring your dead party members back to life. Before proceeding, we want to clarify that you can’t revive NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3. The only way to save an NPC is by reloading from the previous save file. The methods mentioned below only work for companions that you can control.


You can use a NexusMods mod called Resurrect NPCs. However, Larian has a strict stance about reviving NPCs, so use it at your own risk. 

Use Scroll of Revivify

A scroll of revivify is a magical item that returns one’s soul to one’s body in Baldur’s Gate 3. Every character starts with one, and it will be available in your inventory.

If you run out of one, don’t worry—you will find these throughout your adventures. The easiest way to get them will be from merchants in the game. Arron in Druid’s Grove, for example, has some for sale. They won’t be cheap, however, so if you need one, you’ll need to spend a lot of gold.

To use a scroll of Revivify, first select the scroll, click to cast it, and then click on the dead character. This will revive your character, bringing them back to life.

Revive by paying Withers

Withers is a friendly NPC you encounter early in the game inside the Dank Crypt. He goes back to your camp and hangs out there. If one of your party members dies, you can approach him and ask him to revive them. He requires 200 gold coins to bring any party member back to life with full HP.

Cast Revivify Spell

You can also cast the spell version of Revivify. If you have a sufficiently leveled Wizard or Cleric on your team, they can learn the Revivify spell.

This is a level-3 spell, so your character must be at a certain level (5) in the game to unlock it. With this, you can revive characters without the need for a scroll.

If you do learn this spell, make sure to use it wisely. You will use your level 3 spell slot, which you may use for other purposes.

Death saving throws

When your character’s health goes to 0, they won’t automatically die. Instead, the game puts them in a downed state or incapacitated state. In this state, your character rolls something known as Death Saving Throws. The game does this independently, but you’ll see a meter over their body.

The character must pass their death-saving throws three times to return to life with 1 HP. If they lose their death saving throws three times, they will die, and you’ll need to resurrect them. If the meter over their body fills to the top, they will have passed their death-saving throw. If it moves to the bottom, toward the skull icon, then they will fail their death-saving throws.


You can use the action Helping Hand to save downed enemies with 1HP. However, you can’t use this action on them if they are dead.

You can also heal them using other characters while they are rolling their saving throws to bring them back to life instantly. Regardless of the state and progress of their roles, they will revive in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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