How To Find The Doppelganger In Your Camp In Baldur’s Gate 3

Your party is invaded by a doppelganger in BG3 who has taken the shape of one of your party members and is now residing in your camp. To what lengths will you go to expose them and save your comrade?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many secrets. One of these secrets is unveiled when you enter Baldur’s Gate city during ACT 3. During the main story of this act, you will find out that one of your companions isn’t who they seem and your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 actually has a doppelganger. To root out this infiltrator and save your actual companion, you will need to know the identity of the doppelganger in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 doppelganger in camp identity revealed

In Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, you will meet Lord Enver Gortash. He will welcome you as if you are his old friend and a dialogue sequence will begin. During the dialogues, he will ask you to make an alliance with him. It does not matter if you accept or reject it, Gortash will tell you that there is a doppelganger in your camp in BG3.

Gortash will not reveal who the imposter is, but he will suggest you do further investigation. You can talk to everyone about this, but this will not lead you anywhere.

To find out who the doppelganger in your camp is in BG3, you need to go to the Sewers in the Lower City. Once you enter the sewers, Orin will appear as one of your party members. It can be anyone from your party.

For us, the doppelganger in our camp was Lae’zel. Orin will try to convince you to help her and in return, she will help you free your ally. If you don’t accept her offer, a new quest will be added to your journal and now you must save her yourself.

How to save your ally from Orin in BG3

To save your party member, go to the Temple of Bhaal. You will find your true party member captured by Orin and chained with a stone. Some people are performing the ritual. When you confront Orin, choose to fight her and if you fail to roll the dice, she will kill your party member immediately. It is wise to save before the fight just in case you fail to roll the dice.


Once the fight begins, you need to defeat Orin as soon as possible. If the ritual is completed and you have not defeated Orin till then, your ally will die.

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