How To Summon Shovel The Quasit In Baldur’s Gate 3

A loud mouthed Quasit at your disposal.

While you can summon a regular Quasit familiar in BG3 with ease by simply getting a scroll, there is also a unique Quasit NPC by the name of Shovel that you can learn how to summon. Being a unique familiar, Shovel is actually a kind of fun and useful character in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you want to have a minion in your party.

While other familiars you summon are temporary and their scrolls can only be used once, Shovel can actually be a permanent familiar. You will need to complete a specific Achievement “Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude” in BG3. As part of completing it, you will be able to find and summon the quasit known as Shovel.

How to get the scroll to summon Shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3

The scroll you are looking for to summon Shove the Quasit in BG3 will be present in a casket, which can be found in the Apothecary Cellar. This particular cellar will be located beneath the Blighted Village. This is the same area where you talk to the mirror as part of the Necromancy of Thay questline.

So after entering the Bar area on the south side of the Blighted Village, you will discover a Wooden Hatch there. Open it go into the basement and explore that area. In doing so, you will discover a lever behind one of the boxes. Operate it and the box shelf on your right will move revealing a hidden area in Baldur’s Gate 3.

baldurs gate 3 summon shovel

Follow the path next, and you will find some caskets in that place so ignore most of them. You will spot one casket near the rocky wall on your immediate right. Open it and take the Scroll of Summon Quasit. This particular Scroll will be the one that you can use to summon Shovel in BG3.

If you open the rest of the caskets you will only find zombies waiting in them so you will have to fight them. You can simply choose to ignore opening the rest of the caskets and make your way to the right side of the Ornate Mirror. You can talk with Shovel the Quasit after summoning him and this way you can go through the Ornate Mirror in Baldur’s Gate 3.


How to summon Shovel the Quasit in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you have the Scroll of Summon Quasit in your possession,  you can use it to get Shovel. However, if you don’t really care to have a minion, you can use the one-time summon scroll to summon Shovel, talk to him, and get the achievement Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude in BG3.

Similarly, you can also add him to your repertoire of wizard spells by handing over the scroll to Gale or any other Wizard in your party. Since a Wizard can permanently learn spells from a scroll, this way you will have Shovel as a permanent companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In terms of Shovel’s abilities, you will see that he can use stealth and scare/ frighten characters. Moreover, he can also do a little bit of CC and then do a bunch of damage on the enemies.

How to teach your party members to summon Shovel

You can also teach two of your Party Members to summon Shovel the Quasit in Baldur’s Gate 3. For ease you can choose the Wizard class, but you also need to be at Level 1. After that, you can leave camp and head back to the Ornate Mirror.

Then you can have your wizard learn this spell by doing it in their character. After that, you can pop over to the spell book and then choose the icon that says, “Learn More Spells” and select the one which says Find Familiar: Cheeky Quasit.

baldurs gate 3 summon shovel

You will need to pay 50 Gold to learn it with that specific character and spend 50 again if you want another character from your party to learn it as well. Then you can switch it to their active spell slot and have them summon Shovel the Quasit in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Once you summon Shovel he will complain that no one ever summons him or feeds him. It is important here that you follow this step which would be to choose the Leave option if you want your companions to summon Shovel as well in BG3. This way you can select the character you want to learn this spell on and have them talk to the Quasit Shovel.

Go through Shovel’s dialogue and always choose the first option until Quasit asks what first Master? So when you get to this line stop, do not choose Option 1 and instead go with Option 2 which says, “Is that what you and your Old Master did here.” Then you can finish the rest of the dialogue with option 1. Finally, Shovel will talk about his bony fingers and the dialogue session will end.

Now you can go through the mirror in the lab and speak with Shovel again using the second character that you want to use to summon Shovel. This way you will have the spell to summon this Quasit on that particular character as well in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The best thing about this will be that this spell is permanent even if you want to switch to a non-spell caster. So you can now go back to Camp, talk to Withers, and respec back to your preferred class in BG3.

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