Baldur’s Gate 3: What Is Withers’ True Identity?

An older god or maybe someone new to the universe of Baldur's Gate? We will look through the magnifying glass to discover the true identity of Withers in Baldur's Gate 3.

This guide contains minor spoilers regarding a particular ending and a very special NPC. Withers is an NPC in BG3 that players come across during Act 1. Withers’ location is Dank Crypt, and you can recruit him for your camp after meeting and answering him. He is an undead skeleton who is both cryptic and mysterious in nature. Strangely, he is immortal, too.  

In this guide, we will talk about who Withers is in BG3. What is his role? What is his connection to the other gods known as the Dead Three? With a little bit of speculation and mostly relying on our data collection and puzzle-solving skills, we have managed to uncover Withers’ lore in BG3. 

In case Withers doesn’t appear in Dank Crypt, make sure to access the secret room after defeating the skeletons. Read the Sarcophagus there and take a long rest. Go back to the Dank Crypt, and Withers will now appear.

Withers’ identity in BG3: Is he Jergal?

To discover Withers’ identity in Baldur’s Gate 3, first, you need to finish the game and get a good ending where you manage to save the world. The gods known as Dead Three have failed in their mission, and their Mind Flayers proved futile against you and your party.  

There is a special cutscene that shows Withers mocking all three gods for failing miserably before walking away. When you compare this cutscene to Withers’ ability to revive any dead person with full HP, it all starts making sense. You can also find a crumbling journal inside the Ancient Mausoleum that describes the appearance of an old god, Jergal. That description fits Withers perfectly.  

If you use the Cleric class and roll a perfect 20 to check Withers in BG3, you will realize he is Death’s Avatar. Jergal is an old god who represents death in DnD. He used to be revered as the most powerful being before the new gods arrived. The god of death went into obscurity, and people started following the Dead Three instead.  

With Withers’ abilities to revive any dead person and being an immortal being, this makes him a perfect match for Jergal. With the other evidence, you can easily make the connections. In our opinion, Withers is actually Jergal or at least Jergal’s avatar in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

What does Withers do in BG3?

Withers is hands down the most important NPC in BG3. Withers can respec you and your whole party for a measly payment in gold. Once you find and unlock Withers, he will move to your camp. If you want to change your character’s class, race, or origin, simply visit Withers in the camp. Withers will allow you to change any aspect of your character and even your party members.  

One of the best features Withers provides in BG3 is his ability to revive anyone. As an avatar of death, he can take away shadows of death from any character and revive them with full HP. Even the strongest clerics in BG3 can’t achieve this feat. The best they can do is to revive someone with only 1 HP. This makes Withers stand tall above the rest of the Clerics in the game.

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