How To Unlock Slayer Form In Baldur’s Gate 3

Become a Bhaalspawn and rule the world as an evil monster.

The Slayer form is basically a giant four-armed monstrosity that temporarily makes you invincible in Baldur’s Gate 3. For those playing as the Dark Urge origin and interested in an evil playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, Slayer form is something you should definitely unlock as it also earns you the Embrace Your Urge achievement.

As part of the Dark Urge questline, you will get to interact with your “butler” Sceleritas, who will reward you with the Slayer form at the end. While Impressing the Murder Tribunal allows you to become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal, the Slayer form is the embodiment of the god and transforms you into an Avatar of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3, the ultimate weapon and killing machine for darkness.

How to become Bhaal’s ultimate Slayer in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to unlock the Slayer form in BG3, you will need to follow through on the events related to The Dark Urge quest. So the first thing you need to do is get to the Emerald Grove and kill the goblins present at the entrance. This way, you can enter that place and then make a right towards the log bridge. Once you cross that, you will see a cute little squirrel near a tree on your right.

You will need to give in to the Urge to kill the squirrel, and that is how you will initiate the Urge questline in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Meet Sceleritas at Camp

baldurs gate 3 slayer form

After that, you can then rest at Camp. There, you will be visited by the Dream Visitor first, and then Sceleritas Fel (Butler) will appear next. Progress through the game and events will happen automatically, like killing Alfira at the camp. The next part to become Bhaal’s ultimate slayer in BG3 requires you to reach Act 2.

Kill Isobel instead of kidnapping her

During Act 2, you need to make your way to the Last Light Inn in Shadow Cursed Lands. There, you will meet Fist Marcus, a servant of the Absolute and Ketheric Thorm. He has orders to kidnap Isobel and asks you for assistance.

Marcus will take you to the balcony of the Last Light Inn, and there you can confront Isobel. You can speak with her and then give in to the Urge to kill Isobel. It will be an easy fight for you, and once you do the deed, Marcus will be upset that he didn’t get to take Isobel alive and will fly away with her body.

Keep in mind that as soon as Isobel dies, the barrier protecting the Last Light Inn will fail, and everyone at the inn will die. This can cause you to miss out on quests for a lot of characters. You will be unable to recruit Halsin as you can no longer wake up Art Cullagh. Similarly, Dammon becomes unavailable, so you can’t keep repairing Karlach’s infernal engine.

If Jaheira finds out that you killed Isobel, you will be unable to recruit her and will actually have to kill her.

After clearing all the enemies, you can return back to Camp and rest. This way, you will be approached by Sceleritas again. As this is the last part of the Dark Urge quest in Act 2, he will give the reward Slayer Bhaalspawn, which will unlock the Slayer form in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Unlock Slayer form without killing Isobel in BG3

There is also another way to unlock the Slayer form in BG3 if you don’t want to kill Isobel. For this to happen, you need to let Shadowheart kill Nightsong in Shadowfell. So the trigger to unlock the Slayer form is either Isobel dies, or Nightsong dies. They both can’t live at the same time.

If you kept Isobel alive, it is possible that you might have to kill the companion you are romancing. Sceleritas warns you that you will lose control of the Urge if you don’t kill Isobel. You will have to pass some checks at the Camp, and if you fail those, your lover dies.

Slayer form attacks

Once you have the slayer form, you will be able to transform into it during combat. The slayer form has its own unique attacks, and you can’t use your regular weapons or spells while transformed. So it is somewhat like Druid’s Wild Shape but evil.

Multiattacks: (4 to 16 Damage)

This will allow you to deploy multiple regular attacks, which will include +1d4 Slashing (x4) per turn.

Let The Slaughter Begin

This class action will allow you to brand creatures with a sinister mark in BG3. This way, their deaths will make it harder to kill you for one turn.

Sumptuous Blood Bath: (4 to 32 Damage)

This attack is quite resourceful for you as you can inflict Bleeding on the enemies you strike and also regain your health with this class action.

Relentless Lunge: (7 to 17 Damage)

This class action is pretty handy as it will allow you to lunge at any nearby enemies and then knock them Prone for two turns in BG3.

Slay: (9 to 29 Damage)

Your Slayer will be able to deliver a powerful slash attack that can deal significant damage to the enemy.

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