Where To Find The Festering Cove In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Festering Cove is one of the many locations you can find in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3. Here's how to get to it

Many locations can be tricky to get in Baldur’s Gate 3 due to some traps or other hazards you may encounter in the game. The Festering Cove is one such location present in the Underdark. This is a dangerous area filled with dangerous monsters and many environmental hazards. So you need to watch your step.

The entrance to the Festering Cove is found due southeast of the Underdark-Beach Entrance. Your path will be filled with poisonous mushrooms and Torchstalk that explodes. So you need to tread carefully. Once you get to the Festering Cove, there are some things you can do.

Festering Cove location in BG3

bg3 festering cove location

As mentioned above, the Festering Cove is found in the Underdark area in Baldur’s Gate 3. To reach this location, you can choose to start at the Underdark-Beach fast travel point. You will see a Rope Netting which you can climb up. Take the right-side route. Continue until you reach a wall with holes in it.

Follow along the path of this rock until the end of the ledge. Jump from there to enter an area with Torchstalks. Take out any you see from a safe distance as they explode upon contact. The Firebolt cantrip is best for this purpose since it can set them off, and you can pass through safely.

Take the left route from here. You will reach the edge of a cliff. Jump along the platforms connected to the cliff wall on your left to cross safely. 

Once you reach the end, a Cragged Rock will allow you to transition into the Festering Cove. The worshipping Kuo-toa will be the confirmation sign of the Festering Cove. 


What to do in the Festering Cove

When you enter the Festering Cove, you will encounter a group of Kuo-toa performing a prayer ritual to an unknown deity. It is later revealed that this deity is named BOOOAL and calls itself the God of Murder. 

You can do several things in the Festering Cove in Baldur’s Gate 3. First off, you can gain the BOOOAL’s Benediction Buff. This buff will allow you to gain an advantage on Attack rolls against Bleeding Enemies. This buff will come at the cost of betraying one of your party members and sacrificing them to BOOOAL.

You will need to fight and kill your chosen companion. This will end your teammate’s journey with you, and they will not be resurrected. The second option you can choose is to gain the Sickle of BOOOAL. This sickle is also equipped with the BOOAL’s Blessing Buff, which acts like the BOOOAL’s Benediction Buff.

This option can be unlocked by choosing the second dialogue, “I have only one life. But I can kill many more in your name.” when you offer to the god. The third option you can go for is an eye-opener for you and the Kuo-toa. This option is to become their god yourself.

BOOOAL is a false god; underneath, he is a common redcap. You can choose the first option: ” You can rest it.  Your ‘god’ isn’t real.” when you start your dialogue with Priest Kuo-toa. This will sow the seeds of doubt in the Kuo-toa, and their lack of faith will reveal the real face of BOOOAL. Defeat him in a fight to become their god or invite them to follow your religion.  

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