How To Change Party In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Baldur's Gate 3 is a party adventure where you can change your party according to your needs. Here's how and why you'd do it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a party-based role-playing game where you lead a group of characters through different quests and dungeons. A typical party has characters with different attributes, backgrounds, and powers that work together. Each member is different but unique in their own right, and you can change your party in Baldur’s Gate 3 according to your needs.

Some might be damage dealers, while others might be healers. While others may be masters of stealth that will help you sneak around, pick locks, and disarm traps in Baldur’s Gate 3. So they all have some uses which will warrant you to switch your party up to take advantage of their abilities.

Changing your party in BG3 

You’ll meet and unlock companions while playing through Baldur’s Gate 3. These companions can be asked to follow you after which they join your party. All of these characters have different abilities that they bring to the table. So it is a good idea to switch out your party members depending on the situation.  

You can only adventure out with up to 4 people in your party. If you want to recruit more characters, send a character to your camp and add someone else. The process of switching party members is easy in Baldur’s Gate 3. All you need to do is talk to different characters.

Head to the camp

Travel back to your camp using the rest menu on the bottom left of the screen. Interact with the campfire icon, and you will get the option to go to camp.

Talk to your companions


Now ask a party member to leave the group. This will free up a slot for the new companion you want to accompany you. Now approach the character you want in your party and talk to them. Please scroll to the bottom and look for the option asking them to follow you. Select it, and you will have switched your party member in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Why would you change your party?  

There could be a lot of reasons to change your party compositions around in Baldur’s Gate 3. Sometimes you need a particular character for a task. For example, Astarion is a rogue gifted in stealth. You can sometimes also get tired of a particular character. Or you could even have found a new companion and want to try them out. 

It is completely up to you, but there are different reasons for doing so. Switch around companions and see how they would react to certain scenarios. Or drop all the companions back in camp and go at it alone.

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