How To Change Party Members In Baldur’s Gate 3

Changing your party members introduce a spicy flavor to your adventure. But it is not that simple in Baldur's Gate 3 until now.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a party-based role-playing game where you lead a group of characters through different quests and dungeons. A typical party has characters with different attributes, backgrounds, and abilities that work together. Each member is different but unique, and you can change your party in Baldur’s Gate 3 according to your needs.

Some might be damage dealers, while others might be healers. At the same time, others may be masters of stealth that will help you sneak around, pick locks, and disarm traps in Baldur’s Gate 3. So, they all have some uses that will warrant you to switch your party up to take advantage of their abilities.


If you have a full party and you come across a new companion, don’t worry. Ask them to go to camp and wait for you. They will be available to be added to the party once you travel back to the camp.

How to Switch Party Members in Baldur’s Gate 3

The only way you can remove a party member from your team and add a new one is by going back to your camp and talking to them. There are two ways of doing so.

Resting at camp costs resources and sometimes progresses events without our knowledge. Taking too many long rests can end some side-quests prematurely or kill characters that we need otherwise. The best way is to fast travel to your camp using a waypoint. Your party will disband immediately once you reach there.

Now, talk to the character you want to remove and tell them to stay back at the camp. The characters don’t mind, and you won’t get their disapproval. Now, talk to the companion you want to add to your party and select the campfire. All your party, including new members, will return to the location from where you fast-traveled previously.


If you don’t do that, you must fast travel one by one, which is very cumbersome.

How to remove the Dead Party members?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the dead party members at the camp by swapping them. You need to revive them with either Revivify (spell or scroll) or by using the services of Withers. Once they are alive, you can talk to them at the camp and remove them.

How do you change party members in a Multiplayer Session?

There are two scenarios about party members if you are playing online with friends.

If you are hosting a session and playing with three other friends, this means you have a full party with zero empty slots. If you want to add a new party member, all you have to do is remove one from the group, go back to camp, and add the desired member.

If you are playing with 1 or 2 friends online, which means you already have slots available. Upon finding and recruiting companions, you can assign them to anyone. For example, if you find Astarion, you can use him yourself or assign him to another friend who will control him now.

  • The person hosting the sessions needs to press the [Escape] key and then select session.
  • Then press the arrow keys on your companions and move them to the player who will control them.
  • You can always take back the control of your companions any time you wish.

How to rearrange your party members

Once you have changed the party members at the camp, you can also change their order in your team. On PC, all you need to do is to drag the picture of the party member and put it in the spot where you want them. To make things easier, ungroup everyone, rearrange them, and then regroup them together.

On PS5 and XSX, changing party formation and order is a bit more complicated. Press L2/LT to bring up your party. Press Triangle/Y on the character you want to move. They will be ungrouped and move to the bottom of the list. Now ungroup the rest of the party members. Press Square/X on the character you want to move and regroup them with the character you want above them. Now, regroup the whole party this way.

Why would you change your party?

There could be a lot of reasons to change your party compositions around Baldur’s Gate 3. Sometimes, you need a particular character for a task. For example, Astarion is a rogue gifted in stealth. You can sometimes also get tired of a particular member. Or you could even have found a new companion and wanted to check their abilities.

It is completely up to you, but there are various reasons for doing so. Switch around party members and see how they would react to certain scenarios. Or drop all the companions back in camp and go at it alone.

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