Assassin’s Creed Mirage Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation Walkthrough

The Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation in AC Mirage ends with the assassination of Doctor Hassan.

The Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is available in the Abbasiyah Assassin’s Bureau, which you can access during the Fork in the Road. After reaching the Abbasiyah Assasin’s Bureau located at the core of Yasiriyah, Tabid Al Nubi will brief you on the possible disappearance of Ahmad in the House of Wisdom.

This will then set out your quest and get listed as your first Clue of the investigation. I will guide you over the objectives of the Ahmad Ibn Musa investigation in AC Mirage, leaving no point of ambiguity.

How to Investigate Ahmad’s Office in AC Mirage House of Wisdom

After the briefing by Tabid Al Nubi at Abbasiyah Assasin’s Bureau, you must travel to the House of Wisdom to dive further into the Ahmad Ibn Musa investigation in AC Mirage. To locate the House of Wisdom, Navigate to the Investigation panel and select the lead. This will then highlight the House of Wisdom over the map, making it easy for you to track it.

As you enter the House of Wisdom, you will see a cluster of people panicking over a fire incident nearby. You may talk to the elder. He may provide valuable insight regarding the incident and open another quest called Book Burner Investigation.

After you are done, a magnifier icon will appear after you equip your Eagle Vision. Follow that, and you will find a person with many books.

Investigate him regarding Ahmad Ibn Musa to gather intel on Ahmad’s Workshop’s location in AC Mirage. He will tell you the location that is just behind Kahraman. This will also update your quest to Find the missing brother.


How to Find the Missing Brother

As you walk into Ahmad’s Workshop, a cutscene featuring Nehal will open. After it is done, head inside the workshop and find yourself in the investigation area. To fill your find the missing brother quest bar, you have to interact and examine all the arts inside the workshop and the pair of books on the table on your right as you enter.

Proceed further into the Worskhop, and you will find Ahmad’s Worskhop tools in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. If you are having difficulty locating these objects of interest, enabling the eagle vision will help Basim immensely, as the objects of interest appear highlighted in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

You will also find art concealed behind the shelves of books. Move the books in the right arrangement to make your way to examine the art.

After you have diligently done the investigation, the assistant, Hamid AL Haleem, will come from the door and ask if you need help. A conversation will occur where Basim will start an investigation about Ahmad Ibn Musa’s Whereabouts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, to which Hamid will inform you to follow him regarding the matter.

Tread cautiously as the upcoming revelation is surprising.

Kill the Assistant

When he comes near a group of Guards, he instructs the guards to kill you, and then your quests get updated to kill the assistants.

You must then fight the guards by any means necessary. To mitigate their attacks further, you can use the smoke bomb to reduce their line of sight and take them out effectively. After you have taken the guards out, interrogate Ahmad’s Assistant in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Talk to the assistant about how he led you into a trap. He will then reveal that a masked man threatens him and draws you a map of the excavation site he protects.

Where is the Excavation site in AC Mirage

The excavation site is located inside the Wilderness District. He will then draw you a map, and you can hover over the quest’s symbol on the map to find the estimated location of the excavation site in AC Mirage. The exact location of the dig site is shown below in the image. It is due southwest of Baghdad.

As you discover the excavation site, you must gather some information or intel regarding the site. You can interact with the Diggers there to learn more about the dig site. Equip the eagle vision to find a group of possible mercenaries guarding the dig site and some chests around the excavation site that will also let you in over more intel regarding it.

Looting the chests will grant you some smoke bombs and throwing knives that can be used in the latter stages of the investigation quest.

Hire Mercenaries to tackle the guards

If you feel stressed by the number of soldiers at the excavation site, hire some mercenaries before diving into the dig site. They will lend you some help over some bribe.

Go around the AC Mirage excavation site due west and use the ropes to gather further intel about all the guards in the location. After locating all the guards and finding the haystack in the excavation site, use the ropes and try to attack the guards from above.

You can use the assassin’s focus skill to take out multiple guards at a time and use the haystack and blocks of rock for cover. After taking out the guards, locate yourself near the large wheel inside the excavation site and jump over the tent. Then, move the shelf towards the left to reveal another eye-catching chest.

Open the chest, and you will find a letter by Doctor Hassan to Ahmad Ibn Musa in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. It will reveal a possible location of their meeting at the hospital in Bimaristan. This will render your excavation site quest completed as the letter is the jist of it, then get out of the excavation site and onto the next lead of the quest.

How to find the doctor in AC Mirage

As the quest updates to finding the doctor and asking him about Ahmad Ibn Musa, navigate to The Great Bimaristan. As you enter, enable your eagle vision to help you in the quest. It will highlight a door on the right of the entrance of the Great Bimaristan. You will find the door locked.

You will have to get a key from the head nurse in AC Mirage. To locate the head nurse again, use the eagle vision; you will see her appear between the premises of Bimaristan. The Head Nurse will have a key icon on her, as shown by the arrow in the image below.

Find her in an isolated spot where no one can observe you as you pickpocket her to acquire the key. After obtaining the key. Unlock The Doctor’s Office. As you enter, you will find a symbol of the order on the left of the table.

This will then provide basic proof that the doctor is a member of the Order, and as you go further, you will find a letter resting on the table that further solidifies the proof of his involvement in the Order. You will then have to locate where Doctor Hassan is.

Hear Doctors’s conversations

Then you have to eavesdrop on the doctors in the centered area of the Great Bimaristan of AC Mirage. Use the bench near them to avoid suspicion and effectively listen to the doctor’s conversation. Soon, they will talk about Doctor Hassan’s Locked-up laboratory in AC Mirage and how it cannot be used to treat patients.

You then have to find the laboratory located on the upper level of Great Bimaristan. Take the stairs to the second floor and tread cautiously, as you are now in a restricted area. Take the window on the left of the room and hop out.

Follow the path on the right until you see a few guards on the lookout. Assassinate the guards that obstruct your path to climb further up. Use the scaffolding leaning on the right wall to climb up.

After reaching the floor above, you will find it being patrolled by numerous guards. Study their movement pattern and then wait for the right moment to crouch over the platform indicated by the arrow in the image below.

The motive for getting there is that right next to the platform is a window that connects you to Doctor Hassan’s Private Laboratory in AC Mirage. Getting to that platform without being detected will easily let you inside the Laboratory.

This is a bit tricky as you have to study the pattern of the guards closely. If you do not want to do so, you can take out the pair of guards patrolling the surrounding area of interest with your focus skills and proceed inside the window.

However, do this carefully as multiple guards are on the floor, and doing anything non-passively will get you detected, resulting in more trouble.

How to assassinate Doctor Hassan

As you reach the window, jump on the chandelier inside the laboratory via the window. You will find Doctor Hassan below on the premises. Assassinate Doctor Hassan via air assassination in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

After the successful assassination of Doctor Hassan, a cutscene plays that showcases Ahmad Ibn Musa walking in after you have assassinated the doctor, provided that you wait inside the laboratory for Ahmad.

Both Ahmad and Basim then converse with each other. After this, leave Bimaristan, as this will mark your Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation of Assassin’s Creed Mirage as completed.

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