How To Find The Excavation Site In Assassin’s Creed Mirage 

You must reach the Excavation Site as part of the Missing Brother quest in AC Mirage.

Find the Excavation Site objective is part of the ‘Missing Brother Quest’ in AC Mirage, where you are tasked with finding clues and locating the missing person, Ahmad. This is an important part of the mission; you must complete this to progress further. You will find an old hand-drawn map of this location site, but you can go there by following this guide. 

Excavation Site Location in AC Mirage

ac mirage excavation site location

The Excavation site will be located in the southwest of Baghdad, deep in the desert. All you have to do is reach this location marked on the map. Head there, and you will find the Excavation site. Then, you can investigate the location to get clues about the masked man and get further insight into where Ahmad is.

The excavation site is a stronghold of the Order of Ancients. As such, there will be numerous Order soldiers around the place that will fight you if you get close. Needless to say, you must be careful while completing your investigation through this area.

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