Assassin’s Creed Mirage How To Eavesdrop

To learn some intel in the game, you will have to Eavesdrop in AC Mirage. You must be hidden when you do.

Apart from slaying or assassinating people around, you can also play detective by sneaking in or listening to discussions. Eavesdropping is a mechanic in AC Mirage, where you listen to people’s conversations. It will allow you to gather information by being in the general vicinity. 

You gain new information while eavesdropping and learn new ways of doing things in AC Mirage. Eavesdropping can be an objective or a part of an investigation, so it is necessary to learn how to do it. The guide below will allow you to learn it.  

Eavesdropping in AC Mirage explained 

Eavesdropping is necessary for the game because it helps you learn intel, which can unlock new ways of achieving your objective. Like in the Al Bahamut investigation mission, you must find a way to enter the Harem to investigate a person. Since the area is restricted, you cannot enter through the main door. By eavesdropping through the window, you learn a new way to enter by wearing an Eunuch disguise.  

Eavesdropping is about listening to conversations. But you must mark or track your target before you hear the dialogue. Once you have tracked the target, wait for the eavesdropping opportunity.  

The best way to identify an opportunity for eavesdropping is to open Eagle Vision and look for the people highlighted in orange. When you are close to these people, an orange sound icon will be displayed on the screen. This sound wave represents people talking, which you can hear from a distance.  

Once you have tracked the target and have an opportunity, silently approach the target without revealing your presence. After closing on the target, you must hide using the available opportunity. You can hide in the grass, lay in the haystack, or blend in by sitting on a bench. So use what is available around and hide. You will not be able to eavesdrop without hiding.


After you are hidden or blended in, press the right analog in the console and the middle mouse button on the PC. It will cue the conversation, listen, and wait until the area is clear before heading out. 

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