Assassin’s Creed Mirage Book Burner Investigation Walkthrough

The Book Burner Investigation in Assassin's Creed Mirage ends with the assassination of Zahra.

Book Burner Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will unlock after completing the Ahmad Ibn Musa Investigation. There is a library in the House of Wisdom, and someone has burnt the books there. Basim has to figure out who has done this.

To start this investigation in AC Mirage, enter the investigation tab and look for the book Caretaker. This will take you to the House of Wisdom. There is a ladder near the stairs, and you can use it to reach the second floor. On your next few steps, you will see a balcony. Get into it, and now you are in the library.

Reach the southwest side of the library by using the wooden beams connecting both sides. You will find a guard there; kill him.

There will be two more guards; kill them, and then use the Eagle Vision to find the caretaker. He will be in the small cabin there. Near the staircase, you will find him dead when you reach there. Examine his body and the papers on the floor; this will take you to the next part of the investigation in AC Mirage,” Scriptorium.”

Enter Scriptorium

Again, to start the Scriptorium, open the investigation tab and proceed. You will find this place crawling with guards. There is a crack in the wall from where you can get the excess to the scriptorium.

As you sneak in from there, you will encounter a guard you must kill. On the left is a haybale to get into so you won’t get spotted. From there, you will hear from a guard that a prisoner is locked up in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Scriptorium. There, you will learn that one of the guards keeps the key you need to free the prisoner.


Get off the Haybale; kill the guard behind the haybale as the other guard leaves. Once killed, climb the wall beside him. Upon reaching the roof, some guards will be there. Deal with them, and use Eagle Vision to locate the guard with the Key in the Balcony.

Where to find the Prisoner?

A guard will guard a room in front of the balcony and two more guards on the other side. You can kill him using knife-throwing skills, but I recommend using distractions.

Use a noisemaker and a smoke bomb in Assassin’s Creed Mirage for distraction. You will sneak in when they leave their place without being spotted through a rope connecting that roof to a tree next to the door.

You will find the prisoner here once you unlock the door and get in. There will be a small dialogue between you and the prisoner during which he tells you about Zahra, your main target, and also tells you that she is forcing him to read a book.

Once the prisoner leaves, there will be some clues you need to find in that place to complete the Book Burner Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You will see the book and a page on the ground floor; both are on different tables, and one more page is on the table on the second floor. This page will tell Basim about Zahra’s location.

Invade Zahra’s Palace

Again, open the investigation tab; the map will take you to Zahra’s Palace. You will find this place empty as there are no people. It’s your time to get into Zahra’s Palace. There will be stairs right in front of you; get up there and reach the back side of the building.

Use a wooden box to climb to the second floor. There will be a breakable wooden window; use your sword to break it. Once in the palace, take the stairs down. On your right, there will be a table at the back of the room and a page that confirms Zahra as part of the order in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

How to Assassinate Zahra in AC Mirage

After this, you will be asked to reach a high ground. Once in there, she straight goes towards a yard and sits there for some time. Now, you have time to find the best place to assassinate your target. A rope will connect to the rooftop of the building below which Zahra is sitting.

Go there and wait for the right time to attack; jump on her and kill her when she gets up and walks towards the stairs. Once the assassination is done, run from that place immediately. This will complete the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Book Burner Investigation.

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