Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Missing Brother Walkthrough

One of the Hidden Ones has gotten lost and now it your task to Find The Missing Brother in AC Mirage.

The Find the Missing Brother is one of the many missions in AC Mirage that will have you look for the brother of one of the Hidden Ones. This mission consists of two parts; first, you will need to head to an excavation site to find clues about the brother’s whereabouts. After gathering information, you must find him and eliminate a certain individual. 

The mission can be picked up when you head to the House of Wisdom and see a ruckus going on. Some ruffians will have set fire to the books and the scholars will be desperately trying to put it out. The fire will be put out just as you reach the House of Wisdoms.

You can start a dialogue with an old man who is a teacher of Basim. Inquire about Ahmed Ibn Musa, and he will guide you towards his office. 

Search the Office

search the office

Heading to Ahmed’s office, Nehal, an old acquaintance, will interrupt you. A short dialogue scene will continue, and you can return to the office. The office is quite large, so scan the room using Eagle Vision to find out what items you can interact with.

There will be certain objects highlighted in orange color. You can interact with these objects to further confirm that this is indeed Ahmed Ibn Musa’s office. After you’re done searching the room and are about to leave, Ahmed’s Assistant, Hamid Al-Haleem will enter the room. He will inquire if he can be of assistance in the Find The Missing brother mission in AC Mirage.

After a short dialogue, he will ask you to follow him. 


Defeat the ambush

defeat the ambush ac mirage

The assistant will lead you right into a trap, and you will be ambushed. There will be heavy enemies who are looking to cause some real damage. Even the light enemies are not to be taken lightly as they can also cause some inconveniences.

We suggest taking care of the light enemies first. Be quick on your toes and finish them off. Once you’re done, smoke bomb the area. This will stir confusion among the heavy enemies leaving their backs open for backstabs.

Interrogate the assistant

Once you’re done with the ambush, turn to the assistant and grill him for his betrayal. The assistant will be scared to death and will spill out that an unknown masked man hired him. He had ordered the assistant to keep everyone away from the House of Wisdom dig site.

At the end of the interrogation, you will have the location of the dig site. 

Investigate the Excavation Site

investigate the excavation site

The Excavation site will be all the way southeast from the Muhawwal Gate. If you come across the viewpoint in the way, you are on the right track. 

The Excavation Site will be crawling with soldiers from the Order of the Ancients. When you reach the entrance, you will spot some mercs guarding it. The wise choice is to approach them and offer them a Power Favour Token to acquire their help.

They can take the heat off when the soldiers attack you. You are supposed to sneak around the site, but it will be difficult with all the enemies around. It’s best to eliminate the soldiers around the area before investigating. When you start attacking them, the mercs will join you in the fight and help you. 

Once all is said and done, you will need to search three chests for potential clues. The first two will contain nothing of evidential value. These chests will be the ones present in the middle of the site and on the east side. Continue west on the site to find a bookshelf you can interact with.

Pull the shelf out to reveal a hidden chest. You will find some letters here written to Ahmed by Doctor Hassan. He will urge Ahmed to meet him in the hospital named Bimaristan. 

Enter Bimaristan

bimaristan ac mirage

Once you have the necessary clue, the Excavation Site case will be considered closed. Now head on over to Bimaristan in the Find the Missing Brother mission in AC Mirage. This will be located in the city, southwest of the Muhawwal gate. 

Bimaristan will also be crawling with the soldiers of the Order. You will need to keep a low profile to enter in the hospital. Climb up the side wall to gain access. Move swiftly through the bazaar as people can start calling guards if they spot you longer than intended.

There will be several light enemies on watch on the wall. Eliminate them quickly and then make your way to the doctor’s office.  

Investigate the Doctor’s Office

doctor's office ac mirage

The Doctor’s Office will be locked. Scan the area until you find the Head Nurse who will be carrying the key to the Doctor’s Office. She will be in a room opposite the doctor’s office. Approach her and pickpocket the keys off her. 

Enter the office and look around for potential clues regarding Ahmed’s location. The table on your left will have a sign of the Order. Continue ahead, and you will uncover a letter written to the doctor signed by Al-Azhdaha himself. These signs will confirm the suspicion that the doctor is a part of the Order of the Ancients. 

Eliminate the Doctor

assassinate the doctor

Leave the room and head for the stairs. You can listen in to a conversation between a doctor and nurse that Doctor Hassan keeps his private laboratory locked at all times. 

Head upstairs and silently take out the guards. If you manage to cause a ruckus, there will be an entire army after you. So, it is best to keep silent and eliminate the enemies. A great way to accomplish this task is to drag them into the bushes with you. 

Once you have cleared the roof, you can start looking for the key to the lab. In our case, we could not find the key, so we had to improvise a little. We circled the building to a window, allowing us to peek inside. Use a throwing knife and attack the lock of the door from the inside.

It will grant you access to the room next to the lab. Pull the shelf to a little window right next to the ceiling. Climb up and peek into the lab. Use another throwing knife and attack the window to break it open. Go out, circle around, and enter the lab. Eliminate the doctor, and your case will be closed. 

Another approach to entering the lab is through a window. Circle from the locked lab door to the backside, where a set of stairs will be. Take the stairs up, and you will spot a broken window. You can use this window to your advantage and gain entry into the lab. 

The Missing Brother is found

ahmad is found in The Missing Brother in AC Mirage

After you kill the Doctor, Ahmed Ibn Musa will burst into the lab by himself. Basim and Ahmed will have a confrontational talk, after which the case will considered closed. 

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