Armored Core 6: Best Builds

The best mech builds require the best parts and the skill to use them.

There are a lot of situations in Armored Core 6 that require you to change your approach and hence your playstyle. Therefore, there isn’t any one build that is perfect for each scenario.

You will often face a lot of situations where progressing further without changing your build will feel impossible. That is why we have come up with some of the best builds in Armored Core 6.

These builds cover every aspect of the game, starting from the early game to the end game including builds based on weight. Of course, a good build would surely be one that matches your playstyle, but these recommendations have the potential to do exactly what they’re made for perfectly.

Best early-game build

In the early game, you won’t have access to most of the materials and resources in the game. Therefore, you are highly restricted when making a build. Regardless, we have managed to make the best early-game build using the minimal amount of materials you’ll need.

Head: HD-012 MELANDER C3
Core: BD-012 MELANDER C3
Arms: AR-012 MELANDER C3
Legs: LG-012 MELANDER C3

L-arm: DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE
R-Back: BML-G1/P20MLT-04
L-Back: VP-60LCS


Booster: ALULA/21E
Generator: VP-20S

This build offers the highest damage-per-second output you can get in the early game. Moreover, it is not limited by range either, as it can shoot down enemies and both close to mid-ranges.

With the MA-J-200 RANSETSU-RF Assault Rifle on your right arm, you can persistently fire at close-range enemies to finish them off quickly. For longer ranges, you have the DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE on your left arm, which can end groups of enemies at any range within instants.

Lastly, the VP-60LCS Laser helps greatly with the help of its charge-up option, adding to your overall DPS output. With such a decent selection of weapons in this build, you can also use it against most bosses in the early game.

Best late-game build

As opposed to the early game, you have access to pretty much every bit of resource in the late game, allowing you great freedom with builds.

The best late-game build in Armored Core 6 has a lot of firepower but lacks a little bit in terms of defense. However, the lack of defense is compensated for by the great speed you get with this build.

Therefore, your main playstyle with this build would be to initiate the attack as best you can and immediately pull away when you see the counterattack coming.

Lastly, you may substitute the Plasma Weapons in this build with other kinds like explosives if the damage doesn’t suffice according to the situation.

Head: VE-448
Legs: EL-TL-11-FORTALEZA (tank tracks)

R-arm: Dual Vvc-760PR plasma rifle
L-arm: Dual VVc-70VPM vertical plasma missile launchers

Generator: VP-20C

Best melee build

Fans who enjoy close quarter-combat will surely love this Melee build as it is centered around said playstyle. Since medium to long range won’t be much of a specialty in this case, we will focus most of our efforts on speed to complement the playstyle.

Moreover, encountering enemies head-on means you’re going to take a lot of hits as well, which is why we chose a shield in this build to defend ourselves.

We will also focus on the aerial aspect. Having airborne ability is always beneficial in Armored Core 6, especially if you are mainly using melee attacks.

Legs: Tank / EL-T1-11 Fortaleza

R-arm: WR-077 Sweet Sixteen
L-arm: Iridium
R-Back: P03VTC-08/Vertical Missile Launcher
L-Back: Songbirds

FCS: FC-008 Talbot
Generator: VE-20C

Best tank build

If you’re looking to whip up a fortress for a machine, then the best Tank build in Armored Core 6 is what you’re looking for. This build focuses solely on defense and can withstand a lot of damage atop of negating stagger for a long period.

Though its main focus is defense, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this build lacks in offense. With the heavy size of the build, you have the capacity to equip heavy and deadly weapons.

Moreover, you even get an aerial advantage with this build with the help of the Tetrapod legs, which grants you a great advantage over land troops.

Core: VP-40S
Arms: VP-46S
Legs: VP-424

L-arm: DR-BA-06 XUAN-GE
R-Back: BML-G1/PO3VCT-08
L-Back: Vvc-70VPM

Booster: ALULA/21E
Generator: DF-GN-06 MING-TANG

Best lightweight build

If a robust and swift playstyle is your thing, then we recommend trying out the best Lightweight build in Armored Core 6. In this build, we will be putting our main priority as speed, while still retaining a decent amount of defensive and offensive potential.

We selected the MG-014 LUDLOW machine gun with this loadout, as the fast rate of fire it has is really helpful in mid to long-range. As for close range, we’ve got the HI-32 BU-TT/A sword to take care of things with a single swing.

Of course, we wouldn’t really be able to call this a lightweight build if you weren’t able to fly, would we? The BST-G1/P10 booster and the FC-006 ABBOT FCS are chosen exactly for that purpose – to grant you an aerial advantage.

Head: HC-2000 FINDER EYE
Core: CC-2000 ORBITER
Arms: AC-2000 TOOL ARM
Legs: 2C-2000 CRAWLER

R-arm: MG-014 LUDLOW
L-arm: HI-32 BU-TT/A
R-Back: BML-G1/P20MLT-04
L-Back: BML-G1/P20VTC-04

Booster: BST-G1/P10
Generator: AG-J-098 JOSO

Best mediumweight build

The best Mediumweight build provides a mix of speed and defense, focusing on both equally. Hence, they are able to handle any sort of situation smoothly.

However, since it is a balance between different playstyles, it doesn’t excel at any one particular playstyle, which is why you may have some trouble using this build against bosses.

Head: HC-2000 FINDER EYE
Core: BD-012 MELANDER C3
Arms: AC-2000 TOOL ARM
Legs: 06-041 MIND ALPHA

R-arm: VVC-760PR Plasma Rifle
L-arm: VVC-770LB Laser Blade
R-Back: 45-091 JVLN Beta Detonating Missile Launcher
L-Back: VP-61 PS Pulse Shield

Booster: FLUEGEL/21Z
Generator: DF-GN-06 MING-TANG
Expansion: Pulse Armor

Best heavyweight build

Another majorly popular build among the fans of Armored Core 6 is the best Heavyweight Build. The aim of this build is to make your bot a humungous, impenetrable yet catastrophic war machine.

Needless to say, you won’t have a lot of mobility with this build provided the heavyweight, but the sheer amount of firepower and defense you get with this build is enough to shred enemies and even bosses to pieces.

Overall, while you may be able to handle most of the situations in the game with this build alone, it actually offers a pretty stationary playstyle, which takes all the fun out of it.

Core: 07-061 MIND ALPHA
Arms: 04-101 MIND ALPHA


Booster: BC-0400 MULE
Generator: VP-20D
Expansion: Pulse Armor

Best builds for each chapter boss

As we mentioned previously, whether or not a build is perfect always depends upon the situation you are in. That said, the efficiency of your builds varies greatly depending on what boss you are facing, which is why we have a specific build built for each boss in Armored Core 6.


The Balteus is a dangerous boss that keeps you on your toes throughout the fight. Apart from his decent offensive potential, the boss also wields a shield that prevents him from taking tons of damage.

In the build against it, you will mainly be using the H-16 (Pusle) to target the boss’s shield, which is one of the most important parts of the fight. Additionally, we will also be using the Buerzel booster or 21D along with the VP-20D Battery as our main source of damage.


The Ayre is an end-game boss you face in Mission 40, especially when going for the Raven Ending. To tackle this boss, we will need a build that focuses purely on brute force, with little to no regard for skill.

For that, our major constituents for this build will be the DF-GA-08 and the HU-BEN on our right and left arm respectively as our main source of damage against the boss.

Further adding on to the damage output, we will also be equipping the VE-60SNA on our back to maximize it.

HC Helicopter

The HC Helicopter is an exciting boss encountered while venturing through the city of Rubicon.

Since this is one of the earliest bosses you face and builds aren’t really a great mechanic at this point, you don’t necessarily need a unique one to tackle this boss.

CEL 240

The CEL 240 is one of the toughest bosses you encounter in the early stages of AC6. Hence, a build made specifically for this fight is a great help indeed.

We would recommend equipping the 44-141 JVLN ALPHA Bazooka, the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun, and the VE-60SNA Stun Gun in the fight against this boss.

These three guns will provide a damage output adequate enough to put the CEL 240’s lights out easily. You will mostly be using the Stun Gun or the Bazooka at first, moving on to the Gatling Gun when the stagger bar peaks.


The Juggernaut, as the name might suggest, is a tank-type boss that takes a huge amount of effort to defeat. This means that we will have to maximize our damage output and focus on defense/mobility to sustain or dodge its devastating attacks.

To do that, we recommend Nachtreiher/Reverse-joint legs and the BST-G1sdddd to increase our mobility by a considerable bit. Next, it would be best to grab a vertical missile launcher, a Plasma Blade, or a Linear Rifle to deal the maximum amount of damage you can.

Ice Worm

The Ice Worm is a dangerous early-game boss with significant damage output and the ability to call in reinforcements. Moreover, it also has the ability to hide from your attacks.

To counter all of this, we will mainly be using the VE-60SNA on our back. Secondly, we will also be using the Anti-Ice weapon in this build as that serves as the most efficient weapon to deal with the Ice Worm.

EC-0804 Smart Cleaner

The EC-0804 Smart Cleaner is a highly mobile boss in AC6 and yet has an insane amount of damage output with its molten metal shots. Moreover, it can only be damaged if shot at specific weak points on its body.

However, a build that utilizes Lasers, Missile Launchers, and Precision Weapons can make the job much easier. Additionally, you can also equip the Reverse-Jointed Legs and Boosters to get an advantage in mobility and dodge the Cleaner’s attacks efficiently.

Sea Spider

The Sea Spider is among one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in Armored Core 6. To defeat this particular foe, we will need a heavy, tank-like build to sustain its extreme damage output and hit back with the same force.

That is why, the best build for the Sea Spider boss in AC6 would always include the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN (s) weapon on our arms and Songbirds on our back. Additionally, the FC-006 ABBOT, VP-20S Generator, and the Terminal Armor expansion also help a lot in this build, adding to the overall tank composition.

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