Armored Core 6 EC-0804 Smart Cleaner Boss Guide

While doing Infiltrate Grid 086 mission in Armored Core 6, you will encounter a mechanical boss called EC-0804 SMART CLEANER.

Armored Core 6 has many boss battles that will test your mettle. Some are easy to tackle, but some require your skills. Such is the battle with Armored Core 6 EC-0804. EC-0804 is a mechanical beast in AC6 that spits molten metal.

It has red hot and glowing grinders for hands, and despite its size, it is pretty fast. In AC6, you will find this boss in the main story mission, Infiltrate Grid 086. Here, you will need to reach the center of grid 086 lower level, and you will find the Smart Cleaner in a large arena.

Best Build to defeat EC-0804 Smart Cleaner

The Armored Core 6 Smart Cleaner is a tricky beast to take down because you cannot hurt it besides its weak points. You will need to prepare your guns and armor before moving in the fight so as not to get caught up in the dashes of the Smart Cleaner.

Too much will make you susceptible to its fast movement, while too little armor will be problematic when it shoots lava sprays.

Now, despite the speed and size of the Smart Cleaner in Armored Core 6, you can easily defeat it without worry before you go into the fight. Keep some Missile Launchers, Lasers, or any precision weapon in the back so you can deal a large amount of damage without reloading and stagger it in one go.

You can also equip your robot with Reverse-Jointed Legs and Boosters to evade the Smart Cleaner’s Attacks and have the option to hover over its chimney. Finally, for the front guns, you can opt for the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling gun or any burst rifle or shotgun because you will be in close range to the small window in the front.


How to beat EC-0804 Smart Cleaner in Armored Core 6

AC6 Smart Cleaner has two weak points. The first is the Large Chimney at the top, which is easy to hit. The next is the Small Window in the front. The attack patterns of the Smart Cleaner are easy to time and dodge.

It is, however, fast and can catch up on you. One attack is that it raises its arms and throws out molten metal in front of it in an area. It will also do this through its chimney when you are on top of it and the small window in front.

The other attack is that it will rev its engine and dash toward you while swinging its grinders to deal damage. When Smart Cleaner in AC6 health reaches about 70% of full, it will become more aggressive and charge more often.

Hover over EC-0804 and aim for the Chimney with the Missiles

When the fight starts, fly up and hover next to the Smart Cleaner and aim at the Chimney, its first weakpoint. Don’t hover or fly over the chimney because it will Shoot Molten Rocks from it. Now, deal as much damage as possible from a distance into the chimney.

If the timing is just right, your EN Bar and the Armored Core 6 EC-0804’s Stagger Bar will trigger at the same time.

Target the front window with your guns

You can then land in front of the machine and target its front window, which is its second weakpoint. Use your front guns and aim for the small window to deal damage while your boosters recharge.

While shooting, keep your distance from the grinders because they deal Clipping Damage. When EC-0804 AC6 wakes up, it returns to safety and targets the chimney again.

Dodge the charging Smart Cleaner

It will charge you when you are in the AC6 Smart Cleaner range. With the Reverse-Jointed Legs, you can dodge and fly to safety quickly. Finally, repeat the process of targeting the chimney, target the front window when staggered, and hover to safety when recovered a few times to defeat the EC-0804 in Armored Core 6.

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