Armored Core 6 Ice Worm Boss Guide

IA-02 Ice Worm is a boss in Armored Core 6 that you will encounter during Destroy the Ice Worm mission.

During the early chapters of Armored Core 6, you will find yourself dealing with one of the most menacing bosses called, Ice Worm at the end of chapter two. This mission will have you being accompanied by multiple allies. Going in without the proper build and strategies can lead to severe repercussions that ultimately involve losing the battle.

The AC6 Ice Worm appears in Mission 27, where you will be deployed with a Combined AC Force. The mission involves the neutralization of the Huge Alarming Worm. The worm can be annoying as it rapidly launches attacks. He will further minimize your attack surface as it goes back into hiding in the ice.

As the fight progresses, you will find the worm calling more and more reinforcements in the battle station. This will make it tooth and nail for you and your allies to bring it down. The Ice Worm has a prominent PCA C-Weapon, and having a specific weapon can ease your process to bring it down.

Best Build to defeat Ice Worm

The best build for the Armored Core 6 Ice Worm boss fight is as follows. One component is very crucial. You may vary in other options, but I do not recommend replacing the VE-60SNA. This must-have equipment should be placed at either the L-Back Unit or the R-Back Unit.

The Stun Needle Launcher is an Anti-Ice Weapon that neutralizes the coral shielding by electrical interference. You can fire this to create a powerful discharge at impact. This will play a massive part in overwhelming the shield of the ice worm.

How to beat Ice Worm in Armored Core 6

To defeat this Ice worm in AC6, you must disable its protective measures. I will go through dismantling this chaotic boss.


Disabling the Coral Shield

As soon as you see the worm emerging from the layered ice, lock in your Stun Needle towards its mouth and fire it when ready. This will bring down the Coral Shield, leaving the worm vulnerable to the attack launched by Viv Rusty.

This will conclusively bring the worm down momentarily as the secondary shield of the Armored Core 6 Ice Worm collapses. Launch your barrage of weapons onto the worm.

Attacking the mouth repeatedly

As it lays there stunned, use all sorts of combinations of your equipped Gatling Guns and Grenade Cannon to decrement the health pool of the worm. However, the worm gets up soon and then takes cover under the ice, deploying the drones to help him in the fight.

Killing the drones and repeating the process

As the drones get deployed, assist your allies to neutralize them. You must then make way for Viv Rusty to bring down the secondary shield. As previously mentioned, this can be done by taking down the coral shields using the Stun Needle in Armored Core 6.

Repeat the process of utilizing your guns to attack the head of the worm. The worm goes underground again and comes back with a final wave of reinforcements.

Beware of the Amplified Coral Shield

The AC6 Ice Worm comes back with an Amplified Coral Shield that makes it difficult for you to bring it down with a single hit by a Stun Needle. Do this multiple times to bring the coral shield down and evade the storm of missiles by the worm as well.

When you bring the coral shield, your allies will be overwhelmed, but Viv Rusty will assist you with one more attack to bring the secondary shield down. Just repeat the process and try to get back, as you will find that the worm will soon explode, leaving behind a Circular Coral Field of damage.

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