Armored Core 6 Balteus Boss Guide

Balteus is a boss in Armored Core 6 that you will encounter during Attack the Watchpoint mission and pockets a variety of attacks.

The Balteus Boss fight will keep you up and running throughout the battle in Armored Core 6. This mecha-boss has a plethora of attacks and will keep coming at you. This will include guided missiles, cannon fire, and even a massive fire slash attack.

However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope against this enemy, as his shield will only protect him. Once you bring down his shield, AC6 Balteus will be left vulnerable to your fire attack.

Maintain your distance from this enemy boss and try to dodge the incoming ranged attacks. Also, make sure to keep moving around, as your agility will also be a key in winning this fight because you won’t get caught in his attacks.

Best Build to defeat Balteus

You can choose the listed mechanical parts for the Balteus Build in AC6.

UNITMech parts
R-ArmH-16: GU-Q1
L-ArmH-16: GU-Q1

The H-16 (Pusle) is vital as it can eliminate the Armored Core 6 Balteus Shield. For the back unit, the V-60LCS will suffice because these will serve as laser guns and do the actual damage when the shield is down in Armored Core 6.

FRAMEMech parts
Arms  AC-2000 TOOL ARM

Moving onto the Frame section, you will want to get the most bang for your buck by using the Melander part to cover your head area in Armored Core 6. It will also give your build a decent amount of AP for weight.


For the chest area, you can use the Tian-Qiang mech part, which will also give you tons of AP for the weight. Lastly, keep the arms on lightweight mech parts  and go for the legs instead of the tank body, as it makes the maneuverability difficult for you to handle

INNERMech parts
Generator VP-20D

For the Inner Build, you can go with the Buerzel booster/ 21D for close-range damage and the VP-20D Battery, as it will be enough to support this build and keep it up and running during the Balteus Boss fight in AC6.

How to beat Balteus in Armored Core 6

Balteus Boss fight will be a DPS race for you. That is why you need to get rid of his shield quickly during the fight because each time you use the pulse gun, it will stagger him and leave him open to your attacks in AC6. However, you also need to watch out for your Boost Meter and try to recharge it during the fight as well.

This way, you must focus on staying away from this enemy boss and using your firepower to inflict much damage on him. You need to be fast and agile throughout this Boss fight. Keep dodging his attacks and try to mitigate as much damage as you can, and eventually, you will be able to take down Balteus with relative ease in AC6.

If you want to defeat Balteus in AC6, focus on his attacks before launching a counterattack.

Avoid his projectile attack

Balteus will begin his attack by launching several projectiles in the air. The worst part about these is that they will work as guided missiles and be locked onto you. To avoid these, you need to Dash at him immediately and try to close the distance between you and this enemy boss. This way, you can minimize the missile attack damage coming towards you in Armored Core 6.

You need to watch out for a few rounds of this attack and make sure that you switch positions throughout the fight by moving to different points. When you position yourself towards his back, you can focus your fire on that area and try to maximize your damage by moving around and firing simultaneously.

Bring down Balteus Shield

Your main focus during this AC6 Balteus fight should be to bring down his shields first. This can be done by using your Pulse Gun to disable them, and once these stop functioning, Balteus will be left staggered for a few seconds. You can take this opportunity and hit him with some good shots to improve his health.

Watch out for the Overcharge attack

During the AC6 Balteus fight, when his health goes under 40 percent, he becomes increasingly ferocious and dangerous at the same time. This mech boss will recharge its shield and then use a significant overcharge attack covering an even larger radius. You should get as far away from this enemy boss as possible and attack him with your laser fire.

Dodge Balteus Fire Swipe attack

Moreover, AC6 Balteus will use an even deadlier attack towards the end of the fight. Here, he will come at you using a fire swipe attack. This attack is hard to predict, so dodge it by flying into the air or dash at him instead.

If you are lucky, you might pass through his attack, but your chances of getting out unscathed will be low, especially if you are closer to him during this attack. As usual, you must keep your distance from him during this attack because he can track you and will come lunging at you.

Evade the Cannon fire

Apart from that, Armored Core 6 Balteus will also make a single cannon fire attack, which you need to avoid at all costs because this will stun you briefly for a few seconds. Whenever Balteus makes the beep noise, it should clearly indicate that you must dash towards it and dodge its attack by moving towards the right or left side.

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