Armored Core 6 CEL 240 Boss Guide

IB-01: CEL 240 is one of the bosses in Armored Core 6 that you will encounter during Reach the Coral Convergence after defeating two AC's.

CEL 240 is a chapter 4 boss in Armored Core 6. Despite being an early-game elite enemy, he is like no other boss at the early stage. You will have a tough time defeating him if you don’t come with proper equipment and lack information about the boss.

Learn CEL 240’s Attacks

In the first phase, stay close to the boss in close to mid-range, going around him in circles, and stun it with the needle guns as quickly as possible. Once the boss is stunned, attack it and give maximum damage, note that if you do proper damage, you can drop his HP to half.

For the second phase, maintain your distance to dodge his attacks. Cel-240 has special attacks for this phase, so you need perfectly timed quick boosts to stay safe. If you time your attacks right, you can stagger the boss right before it initiates another attack.

Fill the Stagger Meter before attacking

While fighting CEL 240, you must move quickly and attack to fill the stagger meter quickly. This will stun the boss. When the fight starts, fire aggressively with the Stun Gun and a heavy gun.

Avoid using a Gatling Gun when moving and continue shooting the Stun Gun. Heal when you have the chance. After the stagger bar is full, unleash all your arsenal at AC6 CEL 240. The boss has a shorter health bar than others, so it should go down quicker.

Dodge CEL 240 Laser and Dynamic Melee attacks

CEL 240 will use its laser potshot and melee attacks during the fight. He will fire laser shots that you must avoid by staying mobile.

He will also use its sword and charge straight into you. For these attacks, jumping boost rather than dodge left and right is better. Because sometimes, he will attack in a cross pattern, and you can easily get caught in it.

Moreover, CEL 240 will use its floating slash blades to come at you swinging. Jumping will not be suitable because these are very dynamic, so you should dodge them at left and right.

Use Repair Kits

When CEL 240 health is depleted, and he falls to the ground, don’t waste time thinking he is dead. Instead, use your repair kits to heal yourself because the AC6 CEL 240 will rise again in the arena soon with a new health bar.

Best Build to defeat CEL 240

What makes AC6 CEL 240 so dangerous and unique is its insane mobility. He moves so fast that sometimes your weapons can’t keep up with his speed.

Considering that, I will opt for a Lightweight build focusing on mobility in AC6. Also, I cannot undermine loadout. I will install those that can keep up with the speed. Here are the details of the Armored Core 6 CEL 240 build:

HeadHD-012 Melander C3
BoosterIA-C01B: Gills
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