Armored Core 6 HC Helicopter Boss Guide

While doing Illegal Entry and Survey the Uninhabited Floating City mission, you will encounter a boss called AH12: HC Helicopter.

As you start playing Armored Core 6, you must advance into the ruined city named Rubicon. However, when doing so, you will soon see the sky filled with a significant horrific anomaly sending havoc from the skies: the Armored Core 6 HC Helicopter.

This will be one of the first boss fights you will encounter as you start playing Armored Core 6. The fight will be brutal, given you just started the game.

Best Build to defeat the HC Helicopter

Getting into builds is another whole area of expertise as you progress further in this mech-based game. But since you just started the game, you won’t get any prior builds to assist you in this faceoff. You will get the default weapons and can’t alter them at this point in the game.

Adding the fresh experience of handling an AC doesn’t make the situation any better, but still, it’s not difficult, provided you follow the steps we will give you to disarm the AC6 HC Helicopter.

How to beat HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6

There are multiple ways to defeat the HC Helicopter in AC6; we will go through each separately. One of the best ways to deal a large chunk of damage to the AC6 HC Helicopter is to exploit the Initial Script of the Helicopter as it approaches you. Blast into it, followed by melee attacks and the usual combination of bullets and missiles.

Evade to avoid the escalation

Defeating the Armored Core 6 HC Helicopter will usually require a pattern of getting close within range. You can then traverse to mitigate his response attacks. The best way to bring it down is to Assault boost towards it, equip the Pulse Blade, and Slash the Helicopter as much as possible before your energy runs out.


HC Helicopter will start to attack you and use all its might to bring you down in AC6. When it does, we suggest you lift as high as you can. Try to branch yourself away from you. This can potentially rid you of its tracking ability.

But if the tracking system prevails, use your evasive dash frequently and move as far as possible from the HC Helicopter. Additionally, we recommend using the small structural buildings as cover to hide from the Helicopter. This will allow you to replenish your energy to perform relevant repairs and then attack it as a surprise.

Target HC’s Wings to deal Damage

Armored Core 6 HC Helicopter has another prominent vulnerability you can exploit until the end. When you get right under it or next to its wings, the boss finds it difficult to attack you. You can use this opportunity to make the pattern we discussed before, which combines Bullets and Missiles following the melee attacks.

The script is very predictable as you utilize it to damage. Further, HC Helicopter will try to evade your attacks and confuse itself by impeding itself in a particular place and doing nothing for a brief time; use this opportunity as well.

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