Ark Survival Evolved Sulfur Locations Guide

Sulfur is a highly useful uncommon resource in Ark Survival Evolved that can be used for several purposes, including the...

Sulfur is a highly useful uncommon resource in Ark Survival Evolved that can be used for several purposes, including the crafting of ammunition and taming different creatures.

Here’s a guide that will help you locate sulfur in different DLC expansions of Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Sulfur locations

Sulfur is not available on The Island map of Ark Survival Evolved but we will be covering all the Ark DLC expansions in which Sulfur can easily be found.

The primary use of Sulfur in Ark Survival Evolved is to tame creatures like Rock Elemental and craft ammunition. Each Sulfur unit you farm has an approximate weight of 0.05 and it cannot be refined.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a non-canonical DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. The map size of Ragnarok is huge, so finding resources in this expansion is relatively easy. The most famous locations to find Sulfur in Ark Ragnarok are Ragnarok’s Dragonmalte Trench, Thunder Peak, and South-West Tropics (SW) regions.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Genesis

Genesis is a paid DLC expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. Lucky for you, Sulfur can be farmed in both parts of Ark Genesis. To find Sulfur locations in Genesis part 1, the Northwest part of the map is full of Sulfur.

To find Sulfur in Genesis part 2, head to the middle region of the map and you’ll find Sulfur in abundance there.

Sulfur Locations in Crystal Isles

It is one of the main resources in the Crystal Isles expansion of Ark Survival Evolved.  Sulfur in Ark Crystal Isles can be easily found in the red lava forest biome near the volcano.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Valguero

Valguero is full of different regions. You will find Mountains, snow, and water on this map. Sulfur in Ark Valguero can be easily farmed and spotted. Famous locations to find Sulfur in Valguero includes Wyvern sites, Volcanos, and bridges.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Scorched Earth

Ark Scorched is mostly surrounded by desert. Sulfur in Ark Scorched Earth might spawn rarely but it’s not that difficult to find.  To find sulfur in this expansion, you need to look in the mountains carefully.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Lost Island

Lost Island is arguably the most pleasant and beautiful expansion of Ark Survival Evolved. To find Sulfur in Ark Lost Island, head to Wyvern Cliffs and the lava river.

Sulfur Locations in Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is the latest DLC expansion of Ark Survivor Evolved. This map has almost all the resources available. Sulfur in Ark Fjordur is very easy to locate, all you need to do is head to the bottom right corner of the map. You’ll find sulfur deposits in abundance here.

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