Ark Fjordur Sulfur and Condensed Gas Locations

In games like ARK: Survival Evolved, you’ll be heavily relying on resources to progress and craft items. Sulfur and Condensed Gas are two of the 24 resources available in Ark Fjordur, and you’ll need them often to craft a variety of items. This Ark Fjordur resource guide will walk you through the Sulfur and Condensed Gas spawn locations in the newly added Fjordur expansion.

The good thing about Sulfur and Condensed Gas on Fjordur is that they are frequently found together, so if you plan to farm one of these two resources, you will almost certainly find the other.

Ark Fjordur Sulfur Gas Locations

Sulfur is a rare resource in Ark Fjordur, which means it’ll only spawn in a few locations. Even within those, you’ll have to look around to farm it. To relieve you of that agony, we’ve pinpointed the exact locations to farm Sulfur.

If you’re farming for Sulfur, you’ll want to head to 72.8 Latitude and 90.1 Longitude. The spawn location is on the bottom right island on the map. There you’ll find rocks containing Sulfur deposits.

There are a lot of Sulfur deposits in the area, so look around and take your time to collect all of the available resources. You should be able to spot yellow rocks quite easily and can hit them with your pickaxe or a dino that can harvest rocks.

Condensed Gas Locations

Condensed Gas is another scarce resource in Ark Fjordur that you should seek out. Unfortunately, we could only find Condensed gas in one location up until this point.

Condensed gas spawns near the Red Obelisk on the bottom right island of the map. To be precise, you must travel to 74.4 Latitude and 90.4 Longitude to farm Condensed gas. There are Condensed Gas deposits in the rocks, along with some Sulfur deposits.

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