Ark Genesis Sulfur Deposit Locations Guide

Like Scorched Earth, Extinction and Valguero, Sulfur is also found in Ark Genesis Part 1. Sulfur is a very rare resource and can prove to be very useful. This guide will help you find and use Sulfur efficiently.

Sulfur is used to craft other items as well. These items include Flamethrower, Preserving Salt, and Propellant. Apart from crafting, Sulfur can also be used to tame a couple of creatures. These creatures include Rock Elemental and Phoenix as well.

Where to find Sulfur deposit locations in Ark Genesis

There are various methods to acquire Sulfur in Ark Genesis Part 1. The easiest way is to kill Rock Elemental, Wyvern, and Magmasaur. Once you kill these creatures, you will surely collect a lot of Sulphur. It is most often found high in the mountains, in yellow-streaked rocks. For your ease, we have marked the locations on Ark Genesis part 1 below where Sulfur is found and also mentioned the coordinates as well.

Ark Genesis Sulfur Deposit Locations

Location #1

Head to the coordinates mentioned below to craft some Sulfur:

LAT 12


LON 72

Location #2

Use these coordinates and you will find Sulfur:

LAT  15

LON 74

Location #3

Below are the coordinates which will help you acquire some Sulfur:

LAT 16

LON 77

Location #4

The following coordinates will help you craft some Sulfur in Ark Genesis:

LAT 24

LON 68

Location #5

Here is another coordinate that will help you find some Sulfur:

LAT 29

LON 84

Location #6

Finally, use these coordinates and you will find Sulfur in good quantity:

LAT  29

LON 76

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