ARK Extinction Creatures Locations Guide – How to Tame, Saddle Recipes

With new resources to work with, new areas to discover, you didn’t think Ark would bring Unique Creatures with its Extinction DLC? Well, You’re wrong. Some of the Unique Creatures that have crawled up their way into ARK Extinction have been listed below:

ARK Extinction Creatures

The first and foremost thing you should know about these creatures is how they differ in their taming method. Most of these creatures can only be tamed once you gather a part that belongs to the particular creature.

The part can then be crafted and modified into the tool that can be used to tame the unique dinosaur. There are eight such creatures to be found at the moment.

You can check out the ARK Calculator for better information on how much time it will take to tame this creature.


These small, mechanical creatures look like the animal version of Dr. Otto Octavius. In addition to being crafted, they can also be used as handy mounts.

In combat, they can perform teleportation and even climb walls without much effort. Enforcers can only be crafted through the city terminal. Enforcers have great capacity and are good for combat too.

If you have enough materials for making an Enforcer, we suggest going for it. It is a very good mount. There is no Engram level requirement for you to build an Enforcer but you do need to kill an Enforcer in the wild and loot it to acquire its engram.

Moreover, it does not require a mount, so you can make it without any issues.

ARK Extinction Magnamar

Getting an Enforcer
The Enforcer can be found in the wild. Be sure to use ranged attacks and hit in its blind spots. You must defeat this automation and learn its secrets before you can make one for your own. The requirements for Enforcer are a bit high:

Crystal x50 + Element Dust x500 + Metal Ingot x60 + Oil x20 + Polymer x30

The Enforcer engram, when crafted, takes no space, so you can rest easy and stack a few of these in your inventory if you like.

ARK Extinction Enforcer

Things to Know

  • Enforcers, when made, start at level 1.
  • Friendly Enforcers do not need a saddle to be mounted on.
  • If your Enforcer is high level, it can perform two Teleportations at once.
  • Your Enforcer can also knock back enemies by pressing a specific button.
  • The Enforcer strives on Elemental Dust, it does not eat berries or meat.


A Sloth-like creature, it has crystals protruding from its back that can be collected as a loot drop.

These Gacha Crystals when consumed, will award the player with resources including Thatch, Flint, Stone, Wood, Blue Gems, Congealed Gas Balls and even full small structures like Wooden Tree Platforms.

It can also potentially drop Raw Meat and Stone as loot. To tame such a creature, you must first place a mechanical resource in front of him. Snow Owl Pellet is the most effective.

Just 11x Snow Pellets can tame a 100 level Gacha in 01:14 minutes. Using meat and berries may be counter-effective.


Gacha Saddle
The Gacha can be mounted after taming with the help of the Gacha Saddle. You can unlock the engram for Gacha Saddle at level 38. The Gacha Saddle requires 150x Chitin/Keratin, 185x Fiber, 350x Hide to craft.

Gacha Saddle

Snow Owl

Snow Owl is a great mount in ARK Extinction and perhaps the most mobile. The Owl looks both gorgeous and majestic at the same time. Aside from being beautiful, these are strong mythical creatures.

They are big in size and have latent healing abilities. Taming one of these cute bois/gals is definitely going to change your ARK Extinction experience.

Also, breeding these Snow Owls is worth it! The baby Snow Owls are so darn adorable that I’d build a whole taxidermy base for these cuter versions of Snowy Owls.

And yes, you can get a dermis from an animal without killing it. If you tame an animal, you will get a free dermis.

Snow Owl

Some Things you Should Know

  • The Snowy Owls are one of the fastest flying creatures in ARK Extinction.
  • Snow Owls are able to attack through their beaks.
  • Snow Owls have “heat vision”. By pressing the required button, you are able to toggle into a vision where you will be able to see the heat on animals, making night hunting very easy. Be careful though, being in this vision costs a lot of stamina.
  • Snow Owls have a passive ability to heal themselves. This makes them excellent hunters at higher levels.
  • Snow Owls have the dive-bomb ability. Just like the mythical creature “Griffin”, Snow Owls can nose-dive straight down onto the ground to do a slam attack.
  • Snow Owls have the ability to heal their surroundings and freeze them. By pressing the adjacent button, the Snow Button will freeze its fur and heal both itself and the dinos in the area. The healing range is not limited to only friendly dinos, though. The Snow Owl will also heal any wild dinos in the area.

How to Tame
Taming Snow Owls is pretty easy. You can find Snow Owls in the Snow Biome of the map. Be careful though, these creatures are highly aggressive by default and the taming can become deadly if you are under-equipped or under-leveled for the job.

You will also a narcotic-based weapon for this task. We highly recommend the “Longneck Rifle” for this task. It can put a 30-something leveled Snow Owl to sleep in just two darts.

The Snow Owl eats only meat, so do not try to add berries. Using Superior Augmented Kibble or Raw Mutton will be highly effective.

Snow Owl Saddle
One thing to make before you can use this Snow Owl for a riding is making the Snow Owl Saddle. The Snow Owl Saddle’s engram will be available at level 61. The Snow Owl Saddle can be crafted at a Smithy but will require 150x Chitin/Keratin, 185x Fiber, and 350x Hide. All of this is actually a very low requirement for such a high-level engram.

Snow Owl Saddle


Gasbags is a buoyant caterpillar-like creature that can transport materials from fields where you collect them, to your base where you store them. It will only attack when provoked and will puff itself up with air to scare other creatures away.

It is embedded with some armor plates on the back, while towards the head region, you will find two antennas. Gasbags have the weird ability to shoot themselves in the sky and “fly” away. It is somewhat hilarious.

Gasbags have a high inventory space as well as food so they are a good dino for moving your items from one base to another without having to constantly feed it.

You can tranquilize Gasbags through normal arrows or through the recommended “Longneck Rifle” with the Tranquilizer Darts. It has a relatively high torpidity so it can survive a few shots before it can be put to sleep.


Things you Should Know

  • The Gasbag is able to store gas inside it and when you release it using the jump button, you will fly in the air.
  • The Gasbag is also able to blow away any small dinos in front of it by storing in gas and pressing the crouch button to release it in front of it.
  • Be careful while flying through the air, if you run out of gas mid-air, you will take massive damage when you land. And yes, the Gasbags die rather quick-ish.
  • You can ride Gasbag without using a saddle. The saddle merely adds another slot to the gasbag, for the second player.

Gasbag Saddle
The Gasbag Saddle’s Engram can be unlocked at level 43. You can craft this saddle if you have enough resources:

150x Chitin or Keratin + 185x Fiber + 350x Hide

Gasbags Saddle


Similar in appearance to a Draconis, the creature has long wings, curled horns protruding from the back of the head and short legs. Its face and paws resemble those of a wolf.

The Managarmr is an ice beast, like the Snow Owl, and is able to use attacks with the Ice Element. The first attack the Managarmr can use is the Frost Breath, and just like Draconis, the Frost Breath slows enemies down.

If used enough, the Frost Breath can even freeze its prey in its path. Similarly, it is able to perform simple claw attacks with the left click. It is a good hunter companion for enemies that are fast on their feet.

The Managarmr is even able to perform skydive just like the Snow Owl.

Another thing to note about Managarmr is that it is relatively fast, and can carry many burdens without getting slow. Managarmr is a rather aggressive beast so be wary before approaching one.

One random thing you should know is that a baby Managarmr does not require specialized food, unlike Wyvern or Rock Drake.


How to Tame
The thing that Managarmr likes a lot is Extraordinary Kibble or Exceptional Kibble. These work exceptionally well and can tame a 100 level Managarmr in 37:20 minutes. Using Raw Mutton will work well too.

You can tranquilize the Managarmr using either Bow and arrow or the recommended Longneck Rifle with the Tranquilizer Darts.

Managarmr Saddle
The Managarmr Saddle can be crafted at the local Smithy when you get the engram. The engram unlocks at level 66. The requirements for a normal Managarmr Saddle are the same as a Gasbag Saddle:

150x Chitin or Keratin + 185x Fiber + 350x Hide


The Scout is another mechanical beast exclusive to ARK Extinction DLC. This creature cannot be mounted but can also be used as your secondary eyes. The Scouts are more like items than creatures. In other words… they are a Pokémon!


A-Anyways, the Scouts can be made at relatively low levels and they have low item requirements too. Once you craft a Scout, they will be curled up in a ball shape, like a PokeBalls.

You can throw the ball at any location you deem good and the ball will open up like a Bakugan. Pretty neat, right?

You can use the Scout for scouting areas nearby. As soon as the Scout is activated, you will shift into the Scout’s vision that shows all the living beings in the area.

It will color code different dinos into categories. Red means hostile, green means not aggressive and so on. Use the ability however you like. If you “unequip” this vision, the scout will not just wither away or die. It will still be there.

How to Make
The Scout can be made by stacking the following materials into the city terminal:

30x Crystal + 5x Electronic + 20x Element Dust + 20x Metal Ingot

Scout Saddle

Forest Wyvern

Not much information on this right now. Will be updated later.


The Mek is the craziest thing in ARK Extinction in my opinion. This crazy mechanical beast is like a Titan from Titanfall. This beast is capable of mass destruction. You can use this beast for a crazy amount of damage.

If you have watched Power Rangers, you should know the ultimate skill a Robot can use: Combine and become an even bigger robot! That is right! Four Meks can combine into a single MEGA Mek! (T&C apply)


Meks are armed with Tek Rifle and Tek Sword. The Tek Rifle uses Element material as ammo, while the Tek Sword can use Element material to power itself up for more damage.

How to Make
Mek can be activated by deploying an ‘Unassembled Mek’ that can be unlocked at a staggering Level 91 as an engram! The unassembled Mek requires a Tek Replicator and the following materials to work:

25x Black Pearl + 225x Crystal + 40x Element + 1000x Metal Ingot + 550x Polymer

Things you Should Know

  • The Mek can also use certain other weapons on it, including M.D.S.M. (Shield), M.R.L.M. (Rocket Launcher), M.S.C.M. (Cannon Launcher)
  • Mek can levitate/fly too.
  • A Mega Mek can only be used against the King Titan. If you try to use it otherwise, this beast-armor will self-destruct after a certain time.
  • A Mega Mek can be made by combining 4 Meks and a M.O.M.I.


The Velonasaur looks like a crossbred alpha version of a Dilophosaur and an ostrich. The Velonasaur is officially the Gatling Gun for dinosaurs. It is able to shoot darts off the ridge of skin around its neck.

These darts are highly lethal and can mow down tougher enemies easily. Shoot ’em all! If you tame a Velonasaur, you will have a mobile Gatling Gun that you can take anywhere you like.

Be careful before taming a Velonasaur though: they are HIGHLY aggressive. The Velonasaur has relatively low torpor, so it is really easy to knock him out.


How to Tame
The Velonasaur has low torpor but it is a force to reckon with! You must defend yourself against the Velonasaur’s quill attacks as soon as you attack him. Using a shield or hiding behind a tree or a cliff are effective.

Once knocked out, the guy eats meat, and Primed Meat or Mutton is sure to tame him really fast.

Velonasaur Saddle
The Velonasaur Saddle’s engram can be acquired at level 27, which is relatively fast. You will need a Smithy to craft the Saddle though. These are the materials you need:

150x Chitin/Keratin + 185x Fiber + 350x Hide

Velonasaur Saddle

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