Ark Extinction Enforcer Location and Taming Guide

We prepared this guide for you so you can know complete details about how to find and craft Enforcer in Ark Extinction.

Enforcer is a new creature that is added to the Ark Extinction expansion. It is pretty different from normal creatures, and you must craft it instead of taming it. Crafting can be challenging if you don’t know how to do it. We prepared this guide for you so you can know complete details about how to find and craft Enforcer in Ark Extinction.

Ark extinction enforcer location

Enforcers are located throughout the central region of the Ark Extinction map. You can spot them pretty quickly.

Ark Extinction Enforcer Location

However, suppose you are looking to craft a high-level Enforcer. In that case, you can find them in the areas whose coordinates are mentioned below.

  • 57°Latitude, 62.6°Longitude to 59.60° Latitude, 65.3° Longitude
  • 48° Latitude, 74.7° Longitude to 50.7° Latitude, 77.5° Longitude
  • 57° Latitude, 29.7° Longitude to 59.7° Latitude, 32.5° Longitude

You will find a high-level Enforcer in the mentioned area, but if you are still having trouble, you can try some other locations shown on the map.

How to craft an enforcer

If you want to craft an Enforcer, you will need to kill it to get the blueprint. Killing it wouldn’t be a difficult job for you. It has low health, so any dino can take it out quickly. You can even use weapons like Shotgun and Assault Rifle to take it out.

Make sure the weapon you use has a quick reload speed since Enforcer can teleport and reach out to you quickly. So using a slow weapon can get you killed as well. Once you take out an Enforcer, it will drop a blueprint you can use at the City Terminal or Tek Replicator to craft it.

You will need specific items for crafting Enforcer, which is given below.

  • Element Dust
  • Metal Ingot
  • Polymer
  • Crystal
  • Oil

The number of items will vary according to the level of Enforcer you kill. All these items, except the Polymer, are available in the city area of the Ark Extinction.

For collecting Polymer, you need to go to the outside area of the map and take out corrupted creatures. After collecting all the required items, you can craft the Enforcer at the City Terminal or Tek Replicator.

A crafted Enforcer is a pretty agile creature that you can use for transportation, attacks, and climbing. This creature uses Element Dust as its food. It dies if you wouldn’t move it in its inventory after regular intervals.

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