Ark Extinction Mega Mek Crafting Guide

In this detailed guide, we will tell you how to craft a Mek and then use them to assemble a Mega Mek in Ark Extinction.

Mega Mek is a giant variant of the Mek that you can assemble using the M.O.M.I. in Ark Extinction. You will need four Mek to craft 1 Mega Mek, which you can use for fighting against the Alpha King Titan.

The important thing here will be crafting the Mek first, and in this guide, we will tell you how to craft Mek and then use them to assemble Mega Mek in Ark Extinction.

How to craft Mek in ARK Extinction

Mek is not available on the map, and you must craft it at the Tek Replicator using the items below.

  • Black Pearls
  • Crystal
  • Element
  • Metal Ingot
  • Polymer

You can read our guides if you have trouble finding any of the required items to craft Mek in Ark Extinction. For reference, you can check the map as well.

  • Gold Dots: Metal
  • White Dots: Crystals
  • Purple Dots: Element Dust

Almost all the required items are located inside the city area except Polymers. You can gather polymers by taking out the corrupted creatures in the outer regions of the map.

Once all the required items are collected, you can use them at the Rek Replicator to craft Mek. Once you have a MeK, you can pilot it, take out different creatures, and collect resources using its Tek Rifle and Tek Sword.

As far as Tek Replicator is concerned, it is a late-game crafting station that is used for crafting Tek tier items in Ark Aberration. Its speed is much faster than the standard crafting station. The cost of using it for 10 minutes is 1 Element.

How to craft Mega Mek

To craft Mega Mek in Ark Extinction, you will need two things. First, make sure you have crafted four Mek. Secondly, you have the M.O.M.I. to create the Mega Mek.

We have already mentioned how you can craft Mek in Ark Extinction, and to get the M.O.M.I., you will need to defeat the Beta King Titan. Once you defeat Beta King Titan, you can collect the M.O.M.I. from the Artifact pod.

Now, as you have both 4 Mek’s and M.O.M.I., you can start crafting the Mega Mek. Note that Mega Mek can only be used while fighting the Alpha King Titan. If you summoned it in the Absence of Alpha King Titan, it would not move and self-destruct in 30 seconds.

Mega Mek is a giant robot that can easily take out Alpha King Titan. The difference between the normal Mek and Mega Mek is it only uses the blade to take out enemies. It doesn’t have any cannon like usual, on the other hand.

Moreover, you don’t get any options to put some modules on its back which you can do on Mek. But still, it is good enough to take out the Alpha Titan King in Ark Aberration.

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