Ark Extinction Velonasaur Location and Taming Guide

Velonasaur is an aggressive predator in Ark Extinction that has a carnivorous diet. It has a variety of short-range and long-range attacks to kill its opponents in a fight. Velonasaur can shoot quills from his mouth in a deadly burst. He also can do a tail swipe attack making it very deadly.

Given the good fighting DNA, Velonasaur can be used for fighting high-level creatures when tamed. You also can ride the Velonasaur while using its attacks meaning it’s ideal for combat situations.

You can harness all the fighting power of Velonasaur if you tame him. To make your life easier, we have put together a complete guide to help you locate and tame Velonasaur in Ark Extinction

Ark Extinction Velonasaur location

Ark Extinction has three biomes: Desert, Snow, and Forest. Velonasaur can be found all over the Desert Dome region located in the Desert biome of Ark Extinction. Velonasaur can be found anywhere in the biome strolling around as there is no spawn point for them.

You can easily find them by following the trail of corpses and drag marks of blood.

You can learn about all the spawn locations of the Velonasaur in Ark Extinction from the map image below:


Ark Extinction Velonasaur Location

How to tame a Velonasaur

Velonasaur is a strong creature with a variety of long and short-range attacks. It can easily be tamed by first knocking him out and then feeding him his favorite food until the tame bar is full. The list of his favorite foods is below:

  • Regular Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw Meat

If you are in short range of the Velonasaur, he will do a swipe attack with the tail. Meanwhile, he will shoot quills at the player if you are standing far away. Sometimes, he will do both attacks at the same time.

The method to knock the Velonasaur is to do it with another player as bait. The other player will have a wooden or stone wall as a shield to protect him from the quills. You will have to add a window to shoot from the shield. He however can attack the Velonasaur off guard with any weapon until he is knocked down.

If you want a little more fun while knocking the Velonasaur. You however can attack the Velonasaur while standing a little closer. Velonasaur swipe attacks can be avoided with a wooden or metal shield. The other player can then shoot the Velonasaur with a long-range rifle from distance.

Knocking the Velonasaur

If you want to knock the Velonasaur solo, you can do it while tanking it with another tamed dino in Ark Extinction. Velonasaur will then be busy fighting the other dino. You however can take your shot with a long-ranged rifle from distance.

If any of the above-mentioned methods to knock the Velonasaur is not working. You can use your surroundings such as rocks and trees to take cover when attacked. Then use any weapon of your choice on the Velonasaur when having a chance. It is best to wear any of the basic armor when you are close to Velonasaur.

When you have knocked the Velonasaur with any of the above-mentioned steps. The next step is to feed the Velonasaur his favorite food such as Regular Kibble and War Mutton. You can feed him until the tame bar is full and Velonasaur is yours.

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