Ark Survival Evolved Engrams Guide

Find out how many Engram Points you will need to unlock All Engrams in Ark Survival Evolved and what their uses are.

Survival in the harsh dinosaur-infested world of Ark Survival Evolved is not a joke, and you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Not only do you need weapons to hunt and defend, but you also need to make shelters for yourself and crafting stations.

All of these basic survival instruments are called Engrams in Ark: Survival Evolved. Engrams are recipes for crafting the various daily required items, ranging from a measly pick to your walls and even deadly turrets.

This guide will help you unlock all the Engrams that are currently available in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Engram costs in Ark Survival Evolved

Unlike the various crafting recipes that you find while exploring the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, Engrams are crafting recipes that you have to unlock yourself, by spending the Experience Points or Engrams Points that you get when you level up.

Engrams are opened for you to unlock when you level up, and each level opens up different Engrams, somethings even better variants of the Engrams that you already have.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you do not need all these Engrams! You can do excellent with only a few Engrams, and seeing how many total Engram Points you get in Ark: Survival Evolved, you cannot unlock all the Engrams in the game. Do make sure to check out our Ark: Survival Evolved – Spending Engram Points Guide to know which Engram you need to purchase to make your survival a tad easier.

Following is the complete table of Engrams placed against EPs (Engram Points) Cost and Character Level required to purchase a particular Engram:

Engram NameEngram Unlock LevelEngram Points
Stone Hatchet23
Cloth Pants33
Cloth Shirt33
Cloth Gloves33
Cloth Boots33
Cloth Hat33
Thatch Foundation43
Thatch Doorframe43
Hide Sleeping Bag43
Thatch Ceiling43
Thatch Wall43
Thatch Door43
Storage Box46
Wooden Sign53
Phiomia Saddle56
Preserving Salt53
Sloped Thatch Wall Left53
Sloped Thatch Wall Right53
Sloped Thatch Roof53
Mortar & Pestle66
Spark Powder63
Blood Extraction Syringe66
Simple Bed78
Single Panel Flag76
Standing Torch76
Wooden Club84
Multi-Panel Flag86
Cooking Pot89
Parasaur Saddle99
Training Dummy98
Small Crop Plot109
Stone Arrow102
Carbonemys Saddle1012
Glow Stick104
Small Taxidermy Base104
Taxidermy Tool103
Wooden Foundation116
Wooden Wall117
Wooden Ceiling116
Wooden Doorframe116
Wooden Door114
Wooden Fence Foundation116
Morellatops (Camelsaurus) Saddle1111
Wooden Fence Support116
Wooden Triangle Ceiling116
Wooden Triangle Foundation116
Wooden Shield127
Wooden Cage1210
Sloped Wood Wall Left123
Sloped Wood Wall Right123
Wooden Ramp123
Wooden Pillar129
Wooden Stairs123
Cementing Paste133
Ichthyosaurus Saddle138
Wooden Spike Wall134
Wooden Hatchframe139
Wooden Ladder136
Wooden Trapdoor136
Fish Basket136
Wooden Staircase1410
Wooden Railing143
Sloped Wooden Roof144
Pachy Saddle149
Wooden Catwalk148
Wooden Windowframe149
Wooden Window146
Wooden Triangle Roof144
Flare Gun156
Hide Pants159
Hide Shirt156
Water Well1510
Compost Bin156
Adobe Foundation156
Adobe Wall157
Adobe Ceiling155
Adobe Fence Foundation156
Adobe Doorframe156
Adobe Door154
Hide Gloves157
Hide Boots157
Hide Hat159
Portable Rope Ladder157
Adobe Fence Support156
Large Wooden Wall159
Adobe Triangle Ceiling155
Adobe Triangle Foundation156
Rope Ladder165
Large Storage Box169
Wooden Raft1611
Bug Repellant1612
Adobe Ladder166
Trike Saddle1612
Adobe Ramp163
Adobe Hatchframe168
Adobe Trapdoor166
Delivery Crate166
Adobe Stairs163
Stone Irrigation Pipe Intake175
Stone Irrigation Pipe Straight172
Stone Irrigation Pipe Tap175
Stone Irrigation Pipe Intersection175
Stone Irrigation Pipe Inclined173
Stone Irrigation Pipe Vertical173
Water Reservoir177
Adobe Railing172
Adobe Pillar178
Adobe Staircase1715
Shag Rug174
Stone Irrigation Pipe – Flexible175
Raptor Saddle189
Dinosaur Gateway187
Dinosaur Gate185
Feeding Trough1812
Lesser Antidote1816
Fishing Rod1815
Preserving Bin189
Sloped Adobe Roof185
Sloped Adobe Wall Left183
Sloped Adobe Wall Right183
Wooden Double Door184
Wooden Double Doorframe186
Adobe Triangle Roof185
Wooden Chair196
Wooden Wall Sign192
Wooden Bench1910
Wooden Table197
Wooden Billboard194
Hyaenodon Meatpack1914
Large Adobe Wall199
Refining Forge2021
Adobe Windowframe208
Adobe Window206
Metal Pick206
Metal Hatchet206
Equus Saddle2022
Small Wood Elevator Platform204
Wood Elevator Track204
Wood Elevator Top Switch2016
Painting Canvas212
Tranq Arrow218
Wall Torch218
Medium Taxidermy Base214
Trophy Wall Mount2210
Tripwire Alarm Trap227
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle2212
Dino Leash226
Adobe Double Door224
Adobe Double Doorframe226
Fur Boots2312
Fur Gauntlets2312
Fur Cap2314
Fur Leggings2316
Fur Chestpiece2316
Procoptodon Saddle2335
Medium Wood Elevator Platform237
Stone Wall248
Oil Jar2415
Stone Foundation246
Stone Ceiling246
Stone Doorframe246
Reinforced Wooden Door244
Smoke Grenade2418
Stone Stairs246
Stone Triangle Ceiling246
Stone Triangle Foundation246
Stone Fence Foundation256
Artifact Pedastal2510
Magnifying Glass2516
Crossbow (Stone Arrow)2512
Stone Pillar258
Stone Fence Support256
Flame Arrow2615
Medium Crop Plot2612
Stone Hatchframe268
Stone Windowframe2611
Water Jar2612
Stego Saddle2615
Reinforced Trapdoor2610
Reinforced Window2610
Sloped Stone Wall Left274
Sloped Stone Wall Right274
Sloped Stone Roof274
Stone Dinosaur Gateway279
Reinforced Dinosaur Gate276
Pachyrhinosaurus (Pachyrhino) Saddle2718
Velonasaur Saddle278
Stone Triangle Roof274
Stone Staircase2815
Stone Railing284
Desert Cloth Shirt284
Desert Cloth Pants285
Bear Trap289
Desert Goggles and Hat287
Desert Cloth Gloves287
Desert Cloth Boots287
Stone Fireplace2815
Manta Saddle2816
Large Stone Wall2810
Metal Spike Wall2911
Tripwire Narcotic Trap299
Ballista Turret2925
Spear Bolt2910
Gallimimus Saddle2920
Iguanodon Saddle3012
Adobe Dinosaur Gateway3012
Adobe Dinosaur Gate308
Megaloceros Saddle3020
Metal Sickle3012
Giant Stone Hatchframe3020
Giant Reinforced Trapdoor3020
Large Wood Elevator Platform308
Large Bear Trap3112
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway3112
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate3116
Catapult Turret3125
Mammoth Saddle3118
Zip Line Anchor318
Reinforced Double Door314
Stone Double Doorframe316
Diplodocus Saddle3230
Large Taxidermy Base324
Terror Bird Saddle3315
Wooden Tree Platform3328
Ghillie Leggtings3311
Ghillie Chestpiece3311
Ghillie Mask3313
Ghillie Gauntlets3311
Ghillie Boots3311
Giant Adobe Hatchframe3415
Giant Adobe Trapdoor3412
Simple Pistol3415
Simple Bullet346
Doedicurus Saddle3420
Cannon Ball345
Climbing Pick3416
Scope Attachment3513
Longneck Rifle3518
Simple Rifle Ammo356
Sarco Saddle3515
Lymantria (Moth) Saddle3612
Tree Sap Tap3618
Beer Barrel3624
Large Crop Plot3615
Ankylo Saddle3618
Chitin Leggings3715
Chitin Chestpiece3718
Chitin Helmet3718
Chitin Gauntlets3715
Chitin Boots3715
Sabertooth Saddle3718
Stone Cliff Platform3728
Pteranodon Saddle3815
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway3818
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate3815
Gacha Saddle386
Metal Shield399
Simple Shotgun Ammo396
Kaprosuchus Saddle3928
Beelzebufo Saddle (Frog)4016
Poison Grenade4018
Thorny Dragon Saddle4018
Araneo Saddle4018
Metal Irrigation Pipe Intake4015
Metal Irrigation Pipe Straight4012
Metal Irrigation Pipe Intersection4018
Metal Irrigation Pipe Inclined4012
Metal Irrigation Pipe Vertical4012
Metal Irrigation Pipe Tap4018
Gas Collector4035
Metal Irrigation Pipe – Flexible4018
Paracer Saddle4118
Silencer Attachment4113
Metal Water Reservoir4120
Greenhouse Wall4230
Greenhouse Ceiling4230
Chalicotherium Saddle4230
Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling4230
Pelagornis Saddle4330
Greenhouse Doorframe4315
Greenhouse Door4315
Harpoon Launcher4338
Gasbags Saddle436
Dunkleosteus Saddle4420
Improvised Explosive Device4430
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left4415
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right4415
Sloped Greenhouse Roof4430
Greenhouse Window4415
Greenhouse Triangle Roof4430
Metal Foundation4524
Metal Wall4515
Metal Doorframe4524
Dire Bear Saddle4524
Metal Ceiling4515
Metal Door4512
Mantis Saddle4518
Metal Triangle Ceiling4515
Metal Triangle Foundation4524
Metal Railing467
Metal Pillar4618
Metal Staircase4620
Metal Windowframe4618
Metal Billboard4615
Metal Window4618
Carno Saddle4621
Sloped Metal Wall Left477
Sloped Metal Wall Right477
Sloped Metal Roof4710
Metal Ramp4712
Megalodon Saddle4718
Metal Catwalk4718
Grappling Hook4740
Ravager Saddle4720
Metal Stairs4712
Metal Triangle Roof4710
Metal Hatchframe4818
Metal Trapdoor4814
Metal Fence Foundation4812
Metal Ladder4821
Metal Fence Support4812
Baryonyx Saddle4924
Electrical Generator4924
Straight Electrical Cable4916
Electrical Outlet4916
Inclined Electrical Cable4916
Vertical Electrical Cable4916
Electrical Cable Intersection4924
Large Metal Wall4917
Flexible Electrical Cable4924
Metal Sign5010
Metal Wall Sign506
Wind Turbine5018
Paracer Platform Saddle5024
Industrial Grill5040
Omnidirectional Lamppost5020
Greenhouse Double Door5015
Greenhouse Double Doorframe5015
Chain Bola5130
Thylacoleo Saddle5118
War Map5115
Metal Cliff Platform5148
Cryopod (Empty)5120
Metal Dinosaur Gateway5212
Metal Dinosaur Gate528
Flashlight Attachment5218
Megatherium Saddle5224
Metal Double Door5212
Metal Double Doorframe5224
Woolly Rhino Saddle5324
Remote Keypad5318
Spray Painter5330
Giant Metal Hatchframe5430
Giant Metal Trapdoor5430
Arthropluera Saddle5430
Bunk Bed5428
Zip-Line Motor Attachment5434
Tapejara Saddle5521
Fabricated Pistol5518
Advanced Bullet558
Pump-Action Shotgun5518
Unstable Element Shard556
Flak Leggings5615
Flak Chestpiece5618
Flak Boots5616
Flak Gauntlets5616
Flak Helmet5620
Behemoth Gateway5728
Behemoth Gate5715
Megalosaurus Saddle5750
Assault Rifle5824
Advanced Rifle Bullet588
Roll Rat Saddle5826
Unstable Element586
Daeodon Saddle5924
Laser Attachment5924
Metal Tree Platform5955
Basilosaurus Saddle6030
Oil Pump6024
Air Conditioner6121
Castoroides (Beaver) Saddle6150
Snow Owl Saddle616
Argentavis Saddle6221
Tranquilizer Dart6230
Glider Suit6226
Bronto Saddle6321
Heavy Miners Helmet6335
Plesiosaur Saddle6440
Industrial Grinder6445
Flamethrower Ammo6510
C4 Remote Detonator6524
C4 Charge6512
Karkinos Saddle6528
Transponder Tracker6630
Transponder Node6620
Managarmr Saddle668
Allosaurus Saddle6735
Auto Turret6840
Hazard Suit Gloves6816
Hazard Suit Hat6828
Hazard Suit Pants6822
Hazard Suit Boots6816
Hazard Suit Shirt6822
Therizinosaurus Saddle6940
Rock Golem Saddle7040
Elevator Track7040
Small Elevator Platform7040
Spino Saddle7140
Charge Battery7122
Medium Elevator Platform7240
Tranq Spear Bolt7240
Tek Bridge7232
Large Elevator Platform7340
Megalania Saddle7365
Rex Saddle7440
Rock Drake Saddle7526
Quetz Saddle7644
Holo-Scope Attachment7724
Mosasaur Saddle7860
Compound Bow (Metal Arrows)7940
Metal Arrow7935
Tek Gravity Grenade7920
Cluster Grenade808
Industrial Forge8090
Yutyrannus Saddle8050
Charge Lantern8032
Scuba Tank8135
Scuba Mask8125
Scuba Flippers8120
Scuba Leggings8135
Bronto Platform Saddle8235
Chemistry Bench8265
Fabricated Sniper Rifle8336
Advanced Sniper Bullet8316
Plesiosaur Platform Saddle8480
Absorbent Substrate8460
Gas Mask85110
Basilisk Saddle8528
Night Vision86100
Rocket Launcher8732
Rocket Propelled Grenade878
Homing Under Water Mine8830
Industrial Cooker8960
Rocket Homing Missile9025
Tusoteuthis (Tuso) Saddle9140
Unassembled Mek9138
Riot Shield9235
Mosasaur Platform Saddle9385
Minigun Turret9480
Electric Prod9560
Pheromone Dart9560
Rocket Pod9535
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart9630
Quetz Platform Saddle9780
Cannon Shell9740
Riot Leggins9840
Riot Chestpiece9840
Riot Gauntlets9840
Riot Boots9840
Riot Helmet9840
Rocket Turret99100
Titanosaur Platform Saddle100120
Heavy Auto Turret100100

That covers all of the obtainable Engrams in ARK Survival Evolved.

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