ARK Extinction King Titan Guide

Our ARK Extinction King Titan Guide will help you learn all about finding and hunting Alpha, Beta, and Gamma King Titan in ARK: Survival Evolved expansion.

The King Titan is the strongest titan in the whole of the ultimate ARK Extinction DLC and that is why we must prepare on how to defeat him.

Our ARK Extinction King Titan Guide is here to help you on your quest to defeat this huge monster and tips that might help you.

ARK Extinction King Titan

The King Titan is the biggest and strongest titan in the game. There are three variants of the King Titan: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

You can summon different kinds of King Titans through the King Titan terminal that can be found in the game.

Once done, you will be given a time limit to defeat the titan. A shield will be raised in the area, as not to hurt the people or their bases that are not involved in this mega battle.

To summon the different kinds of King Titans, you will require different requirements and will have to defeat the smaller Titans beforehand.


The first thing that you need is Titan Trophies. For that, you need to defeat the different Titans. After defeating them, you will need to craft their trophies. Fortunately, we have constructed guides on them:

Corrupt Heart
You can get Corrupt Heart by killing Corrupt Dinosaurs and other Corrupted Creatures. The higher level the creature, the better the chance for a Corrupt Heart to drop.

You will need at least x300 Corrupt Heart before beginning. Check out our Corrupted Creatures Guide.

Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth
The Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth can be obtained by killing an Enraged Corrupted Rex or one of the Alpha Rex.

After killing one of these two creatures, you will find the tooth in their inventory. Grab one before the animal’s body decays away. You will need at least x10 Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth before facing the King Titan.

Titanboa Venom
Titanboa is the largest snake in ARK: Survival Evolved and it may be a tough fight, considering it can incapacitate you in one or more bites.

After killing a Titanboa, access its inventory and you will find Titanboa Venom. You will need at least x20 Titanboa Venom.

Giganotosaurus Heart
The Giganotosaurus Heart is used as tribute to summon the Alpha King Titan.

It can be found on a dead Giganotosaurus by looking in its inventory before harvesting it or in a bag left on the ground if harvested before accessing the inventory or when eaten by other predators.

Spinosaurus Sail
The Spinosaurus Sail is used as tribute to summon bosses.

It can be found on a dead Spino by looking in its inventory before harvesting it or in a bag left on the ground if harvested before accessing the inventory or when eaten by other predators.

Facing the King Titan

You can find the King Titan Terminal at the co-ordinates mentioned in our Titans Locations Guide.

You will be facing the Gamma King Titan first. It is the weakest of three variants: Alpha King Titan, Beta King Titan, and Gamma King Titan.

You cannot face the other King Titans before you have faced the Gamma King Titan. Be sure that you have acquired the proper items before continuing.

The Gamma King Titan, though weaker than the rest of its variants, is still one of the strongest creatures in the game, so be careful.

Things You Should Know Beforehand

  • Up-to only 10 players can participate in this King Titan event.
  • You may also not be able to access the gigantic Brontosaurus in the arena.
  • You might not be able to mount dinos that are able to fly. Hasn’t been confirmed.
  • You can also summon the Titanosaur, Forest Titan, Ice Titan, and the Desert Titan in the King Titan Arena.
  • Additionally, the Mega Mek can only be used against the Alpha King Titan Arena, not in Gamma or Beta King Titan Arenas.
  • You can bring 20 creatures in this arena. No matter how many players are in the area, only 20 pets/creatures can be present. Any more than that and you will be responsible for the consequences. You might either not be able to start the arena, or the creatures will not be teleported with you to the arena.

How to Defeat the King Titan?

You will have 60 minutes to defeat the King Titan after getting teleported to his location. The King Titan will be the largest dino you will ever see. It will attack the players randomly.

Randomly, Corrupted Creatures will spawn from the Corrupted Shadows to try to protect the King Titan and defeat his challengers.

You can ignore them if you like but you will get more loot if you kill them before the King. It is ultimately up to you!

Basically, when the element node spawns you can either pull your army back from the King Titan to defend the element node or if your damage is very high and you have poor element node defenders, just focus on the titan.

Once you hit a certain threshold of damage, the element node will detonate and the King Titan will blast everything away from him.

After defeating the King, you will have the rest of the timer to loot an Artifact Pod that has spawned near the King Titan, and the King Titan itself.

Do note that if you defeated any of the Corrupted Creatures before defeating the King Titan, their bodies will be present to be looted. The remaining corrupted creatures will disappear with the shadows into a cloud.

After looting whatever you wish, rush out through the teleporter before the timer ends. Anything that remains inside the arena after the timer runs out will be destroyed, regardless of their state and type.

Rinse and Repeat
After defeating the first King Titan: Gamma King Titan, you can collect the items for the King Titan Terminal again. This time, you will also have a Gamma King Titan that will allow you to challenge the much-more-difficult Beta King Titan.

Defeating the Beta King Titan will give you a trophy that will allow you to challenge the Alpha King Titan if you can get the rest of the items again.

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