Ark Extinction Gasbags Location and Taming Guide

Gasbag is one of the new creatures in Ark Extinction and its primary function is of a mule. Gasbag has a very high carry capacity allowing you to carry lots of material over large distances. It can inflate itself and bounce in the air giving it fast mobility.

The following guide highlights the locations where you can find Gasbags in Ark Extinction and briefs on how to tame them as well.

Ark Extinction gasbags location

Gasbags are located in Wastelands outside the city. They spawn in Sulfurous fields outside the city. The following map highlights the location of Gasbags in Ark Extinction:

Ark Extinction Gasbags Location

Location #1

Gasbags can be found in Sulfurous fields, located in the Southwest of the map. This location is indicated by the red circle on the map. Sulfurous fields are composed of hot springs and yellow stones containing plenty of essential resources.

Location #2

Gasbags can be found in the Wasteland around the city. Wasteland is represented by blue circles on the map. Unlike the previous one, at this location Gasbags are not very common so the player must keep a keen eye on the surrounding. Wasteland is a dangerous area filled with threats such as corrupted creatures, Orbital Supply drops, and meteor showers. Thus, the player should remain very cautious.

How to tame gasbags

To tame Gasbags, shoot them in the head with tranquilizer darts.  The problem here is that when you hit Gasbags a couple of times they will have a stress response which is to inflate and fly away. This can make tranquilizing very difficult. However, once it’s done, the rest of taming is very easy.

Gasbags are herbivores so the player can get berries or vegetables to get it tamed.  The saddle for it can be manufactured in the inventory. While taming the Gasbags it is recommended to put a fence around the outside to prevent attacks from corrupted predators roaming around the Wasteland.

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