ARK Extinction Resources Farming Guide

In ARK Extinction, there is a ton to uncover, collect, and utilize for the fans. ARK Extinction has new resources that players can make use of. In this guide, we have detailed the locations where you can find these new resources in Ark Extinction and provided additional tips as well.

ARK Extinction resource locations

With a key emphasis on survival, you will require all the crafting materials and consumables you can in Extinction. Some new resources to make way to the game are described below!

Most of these resources are gathered from different creatures and it will surely help if you can *tame some of these dinosaurs*.

Blue crystallized sap

They can act as substitutes for Blue Gems. And can be obtained in the outskirts of the City, from the white-leaved trees known as Fungal Trees. The Wastelands surrounding the Sanctuary, especially the Southern Wall, are the greatest locations to harvest Blue Crystallized Sap.

To obtain the Blue Crystalized sap, take down the Fungal Trees using a Stone Pick, Metal Pick, or Chainsaw. The following map highlights the location of Blue Crystalized Sap in Ark Extinction:

ARK Extinction Blue Crystalized Sap


Condensed gas

A hardened material that can be turned back to its original, purified form. The most productive method to farm it from the yellow rocks in the sulfur fields is using a metal hatchet, a Doedicurus, or a Rock Elemental. Sulfur Fields are highlighted in the map below:

ARK Extinction Condensed Gas

Corrupted nodule

This resource is gathered mostly from the Corrupted Creatures, however, there is no guarantee. This is similar to and can act as a substitute for Standard Polymer and Organic Polymer.

It has some good strength and is detrimental to a human’s health if consumed. Wasteland Region has a lot of Corrupted Creatures that you can farm for Corrupted Nodule.

The most efficient tool for removing Organic Polymer from corrupted nodules is a chainsaw. Some of the locations to farm Polymer in Ark Extinction are marked in the picture:

ARK Extinction Corrupted Nodule


Acquiring this resource makes use of the Dermis which works on both a tamed creature and a harvestable dead one. The resource will acquire the color, name, and level of creature that you used the Taxidermy Tool on.

A Dermis may be obtained by utilizing a Taxidermy Tool on a body that can be harvested or a tamed creature that belongs to the tribe the player is harvesting from.

Elemental dust

The resource is obtained from Enforcers and can be utilized to power up the Scout. Alternatively, you can also acquire the resource from Lampposts and tables in the Great City.

You can get Element Dust from Gachas, Element Nodes, Tek Creatures, Defense Units, Benches, etc. The Elemental Dust can be further refined into Element or Element Shards. You can farm Element Dust at the locations marked on the map below:

ARK Extinction Elemental Dust

Fragmented green gem

You can find Fragmented Green Gem in Snow Biomes. The functions of this resource are yet to be revealed. Green Fragmented gems are found in the blue crystal formations found in the city and are best collected using a metal pick or an Ankylosaurus. Green Fragmented Crystals may also be obtained with Gacha crystals.

You can farm Fragmented Green Gems at the locations marked on the map below:

ARK Extinction Fragmented Green Gem

Fungal wood

The Fungal Wood can be obtained from the white-leaved trees, similar to the Blue Crystallized Sap. Fungal Wood acts as an alternative to simple Wood: It can be used in buildings. On the outskirts of the city, it may be located next to Blue Crystalized Sap.

Fungal Wood can be found in the region marked with red on the map below:

ARK Extinction Fungal Wood

Gacha crystals

Obtained from the creature species, Gacha, these special crystals award a wide range of resources when consumed.

These include Thatch, Flint, Silk, Organic Polymer, Stone, Wood, Blue Gems, Congealed Gas Balls, and even full small structures like Wooden Tree Platforms.

The General spawn locations of Gachas in Ark Extinction are marked on the map below:

ARK Extinction Gacha Crystals

Unstable element

When broken down, a thousand pieces of Elemental Dust are obtained. By utilizing x1000 Element Dust, it is manufactured in the Inventory. They have a 2-minute expiry after which they transform into regular Element. You can farm Element Dust at the locations marked on the map below:

ARK Extinction Unstable Element

Unstable elemental shard

Crafted in Inventory using x10 Element Dust, the Unstable Elemental Shards will turn into Standard Elemental Shards after thirty seconds. You can farm Element Dust at the locations marked on the map below:

Red crystallized sap

They can act as substitutes for Red Gems. These can be found in the Red Zone. Blood-ridden trees may be harvested to produce Red Crystalized Sap. The red leaves on these trees make them easy to identify. The Gacha Crystal also has this sap available.

The Wasteland and the Corrupted Den both contain Red Crystal sap. The Northern edge of the Wasteland is where you may find the most Red crystalized sap.

The Ark Extinction map’s northernmost region, Corrupted Den, has many Blood-ridden trees. To gather the Red Crystalized Sap as quickly as possible, cut down the Red Leaves Trees with a Metal Hatchet or Chainsaw.

The following map highlights the locations of Red Crystalized Sap in Ark Extinction:

Scrap metal

Useful when you are willing to craft ingots. Scrap Metals can be refined in forges to turn them into Scrap Metal Ingots. In the Sanctuary, killed Enforcers, Defense Units, Tables, Tek Creatures, Benches, or Lampposts can be harvested for the Scrap Metal.

It may be utilized similarly to metal. Metal Picks are the most efficient tool for harvesting them. The Sanctuary area is marked on the map below:

Scrap metal ingot

These are used in Refining Forge and Industrial Forge where they are melting for armor and weapon crafting. Breakdown of this resource results in Scrap Metal being obtained.

In a refining forge, scrap metal is refined to create the Scrap Metal Ingot. You can farm Scrap Metal in the region marked below:


The Silicates are similar to Silica Pearls in appearance and usage and can be refined into Silicon plates. The Silicate can be used as an alternative to Silica Pearls in most of the ARK extinction items.

These may be collected using a Hatchet, Chainsaw, or Ankylosaurus and are spread out around the Forbidden Zone in clusters. The Forbidden Zone is highlighted on the map below:

Gasbags bladder

Simply eliminate Gasbags to get your hands on their Gasbags Bladders. The general spawn locations of Gasbags are marked on the map below:

Sulfur and gas balls

Navigate to the coordinates 62 and 27 where you’ll find Sulfer Stone nodes. By breaking these, you’ll obtain Sulfer Balls and Condensed gas which can then be put in forge separately to get Gas Balls

Now let us take a look at the existing materials that have made their way from the previous DLCs and the base game into Extinction. We have divided materials that spawn into specific areas of the map.

The city

Metal Nodes and Crystals are abundant here, especially across the ravines. Moreover, there is also Cementing Paste thanks to the Beavers’ habitat here.

Here, you will also find a lot of Enforcers, which when terminated, will drop Oil, Scrap Metal, Electronics, and Elemental Dust. Chitin is obtained from Pulmonoscorpius, Araneo, and similar creatures.

Snow biome resources

This region is scarce in resources because of the harsh climate and living conditions.

On top of some of the mountains, a few Metal Nodes exist which can be mined. Pelts can be obtained from various creatures here including Mammoths and Rhinos.


Although it makes for a large area geographically, the land is quite barren and thus devoid of any good resources. With that said, there are some good spots for obtaining Obsidian and Oil near the river regions.

The red zone resources

One of the safest locations on the map, there are not any dinosaurs or for that matter, any other creatures to worry about.

Additionally, you can find abundant oil resources that you can utilize for producing gasoline. Moreover, there are Metal Nodes, Obsidian, and Red Crystallized Sap to be found within the Red Zone.

There is one particular cave in the Red Zone where you can find some rare and useful resources. These include Organic Polymers, Chitin, Silk, and weapons like Electric Rods from Mantis creatures.

The cave is located at coordinates 87.6 Latitude and 70.3 Longitude.

The forest

This is also one of those friendlier and easier locations on the map to hang out without the threat of creatures swarming in on you. There are a lot of Beavers here from which you can obtain Cementing Paste near the water bodies.

You can also find Gacha Crystals from the Gacha creatures here. The rest of the map is largely devoid of any good resources.

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