ARK Extinction Corrupted Creatures Locations Guide

This guide will tell you about the locations of all the Corrupted Creatures found across the Ark Extinction map.

Introduced in the Ark Extinction DLC, Corrupted creatures are corrupted by different elements and are found throughout the map. These creatures are very powerful and cannot be tamed. Corrupted creatures are deadly creatures that are boosted by their species.

The special Corrupted Creatures provide rare and useful materials. Resources like Black Pearl,  AnglerGel, and Corrupted Nodule in extinction are more likely to be dropped by these creatures. Corrupted Nodules can work as a suicide pill when it is taken.

This guide will tell you about the locations of all the Corrupted Creatures found across the Ark Extinction map.

ARK Extinction corrupted creatures

Boasting 19 Corrupted Creatures, ARK Extinction brings in a new threat. These dinosaur species are affected by the Element, causing some of their properties and characteristics to change.

For example, now the Corrupted Dinosaurs are much more aggressive, carry more strength, and cannot be tamed whatsoever. Moreover, they also pose a threat to your base, even if it is made out of Metal Structures because they can ram through it.

In appearance, they can be distinguished from normal dinos by the glowing purple nodes on their skin.

As for their habitat, you are most likely to find them roaming around No Man’s Land which is a dangerous place to hang around on its own.

If you are unfamiliar, the region is shield-less without many defenses and there is always the risk of supply drops that cause havoc from the sky. Moreover, hunger is also accelerated because of food loss at an alarming rate.

Below, you will find a list of such Corrupted creatures.

Corrupted Arthropluera

Absence of armor plating on the body, unlike its standard counterpart. Its standard ‘Green goop’ attack is changed to ‘Purple goop’.

Corrupted Carnotaurus

Horns have shortened in length and it has an absence of arms, unlike their standard counterpart.

Corrupted Chalicotherium

The corrupted variant of this creature drops Corrupted Nodules instead of Raw Prime Meat. You will not receive Raw Prime Meat from the corrupted creature.

Corrupted Deathworm

The corrupted Deathworm is a far more deadly creature than its base variant and is always aggressive. Killing this creature will give you Corrupted Nodules in addition to all the drops a normal Deathworm may drop.

Corrupted Dilophosaur

The head of this creature is caved in because of the corruption and even his face is almost like mush. There’s almost no skin on this creature because of corruption.

The skin it has is Charcoal-colored skin. An important fact is that instead of its standard green spit it spits out a purple one.

Corrupted Dimorphodon

The corrupted variant of Dimorphodon is a far more aggressive version of the Dimorphodon. It features a purple-ish color scheme.

Corrupted Giganotosaurus

The Giganotosaurus is far stronger than the normal variant and more aggressive. The Corrupted Giganotosaurus will also drop Corrupted Nodules and a Corrupted Heart on death, along with the normal drops.

Corrupted Paraceratherium

The Corrupted Paracereatherium is an aggressive variant of the peaceful Paracer. It is also more difficult to defeat but will drop Corrupt Heart and Corrupted Nodules on death.

Corrupted Pteranodon

The common flying dino, Ptera also has a Corrupted variant and is aggressive instead of the shy Ptera. Mess with one and you’ll be sorry. A Corrupted Ptera drops Corrupted Nodules on death along with the normal drops.

Corrupted Raptor

Absence of feathers on the back of the head, unlike its standard counterpart. The Corrupted Raptor is the corrupted variant of the very-aggressive Raptor. It will drop Corrupted Nodules on death along with the normal one Raw Meat and Hide. This creature after corruption spits out purple goop instead of green goop.

Corrupted Reaper King

The corrupted version of the already-so-diverse Reaper King shoots ‘purple colored’ projectiles from its tail rather than a normal Reaper King’s green projectiles.

Enraged Corrupted Rex

One of the strongest dinos in the game, Rex just got even stronger. The corrupted Rex is a variant of Rex and drops Corrupted Nodules and Corrupt Hearts on death.

Corrupted Rock Drake

The corrupted version is a balder version of normal Rock Drake. The corrupted Rock Drake will also drop Corrupted Nodules in addition to normal drops.

Corrupted Spino

The scary dinosaur with an overly grown spine is now corrupt and more purple-ish. The corrupted Spino will still drop the normal items than the normal drops but will also drop Corrupted Nodules and Corrupt Heart(s).

Corrupted Stegosaurus

The corrupted variant of the Stegosaurus, the spiky back dino, is more aggressive and will attack you on sight. This variant will drop Corrupted Nodules instead of Raw Prime Meat. The other items will still drop like normal.

Corrupted Triceratops

The Triceratops is a three-horned creature and the corrupted version is an aggressive version of the usually peaceful Trike. The corrupted Trike will attack you on sight but will also drop Corrupted Nodules on death.

Corrupted Wyvern

The Corrupted Wyvern comes in only one variant: the Fire Wyvern. The other type of Wyverns: Lightning Wyverns or Poison Wyverns will not be available in the corrupted variant.

The Corrupted Wyvern will breathe out a purple flame instead of the normal red flame. The corrupted Wyvern will drop a Corrupted Nodule and sometimes a Corrupted Heart on death.

Consequently, the corrupted Wyvern will lose the ability to drop Sulfur.

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