Ark Extinction Gacha Location and Taming Guide

This Ark Extinction Gacha Location and Taming Guide will explain everything you must do to tame Gacha and utilize it for your goals.

The Gacha is another of the latest monsters in the Ark Extinction update that you may also tame. Gacha seldom becomes aggressive since there aren’t many causes for it. This Ark Extinction Gacha Location and Taming Guide will explain everything you must do to tame Gacha and utilize it for your goals, as well as where to find it when you first start the game.

Ark Extinction Gacha Location

Gacha often forages for food in the thick jungle. In The UnderForest, the innermost part of the Crater Forest, the Gacha wanders around, sometimes scratching at rocks, trees, and shrubs before settling down and eating.

The general spawn map for Gacha for Ark Extinction is given below:

Ark Extinction Gacha Location

How to tame a Gacha

Gachas are large and muscular and have decent stamina, but regrettably, move slowly while sprinting and strolling. It has crystalline growths on its spine, giving the impression of a gigantic sloth.

Gacha is temperamentally calm and therefore only strikes if threatened. It is not necessary to execute a Gacha because the materials it drops are typically inferior to the items in the crystals it produces while it is tamed.

However, the most effective way for eliminating a Gacha is either on an airborne animal that fires a destructive projectile or on an animal that causes a lot of damage and/or has a lot of hp.

Using a ranged weapon is suggested while trying to eliminate a Gacha while walking. Assault rifles and modified sniper rifles are useful as long as there is adequate space between yourself and the Gacha for them to be unable to touch you. If it somehow manages to reach you, one of 2 things will happen. Either you will suffer a terrible end or you will manage to outsmart it and flee.

Only a pleased Gacha that hasn’t lately been around other Gachas can be fed. You will be ignored by unhappy Gachas. It will quickly consume everything that you throw out of your inventory.

The speed of taming increases with the number of items you drop.  The level of Gacha gets higher with the rarity of the dropped resource while influencing the taming effectiveness.

Items for taming

Although Gacha’s eat almost everything you can use the following items to tame a Gacha effectively:

  • Snow Owl Pellet
  • Metal Ore
  • Stone
  • Berries
  • Meat
  • Crafted Walls and Foundations

For the object to fall into the Gacha’s pathway, you must have to plan the drop. You can toss a pile since the Gacha will take the entire pile and keep eating them till it is tamed or runs out of the commodity. While traveling a long road ahead, keep an eye on their food gauge and actively refill it.

With no affinity, feeding tributes and other useless commodities like oil will significantly reduce the efficiency of taming. Upon taming, the beast receives buffs for various statistics based on the effectiveness of taming.

Although Gacha children have resource harvesting turned on since birth, it is by design deactivated when a creature is tamed.

In addition, it may transform a meal of leftovers into a pile of priceless materials. Gacha produces sparkling crystals on its spine rather than making feces.

The crystals drop off after they are fully grown. Since Gacha is capable of transforming the things it consumes into something altogether new. So, breaking these crystals can produce valuable resources.

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