Ark Extinction Polymer Locations

In this guide, we will tell you all about Polymer including its types and how to easily farm it in Ark Extinction.

Originally, there are two kinds of Polymer in Ark but in Ark Extinction, there is no Polymer per se. Corrupted Nodule, which is a natural version of Polymer, acts as the substitute for Polymer and is functionally identical to Organic Polymer in Ark Extinction.

In this guide, we will tell you all about Polymer including its types, locations, and how to easily farm it in Ark Extinction.

ARK Extinction polymer locations

In the Wasteland, deceased Corrupted Creatures could be farmed for their Corrupted Nodules. Similar mechanisms apply to the collecting of Organic Polymer and Corrupted Nodules.

The Chainsaw serves as the most effective instrument for harvesting Organic Polymer from Corrupted Nodules, while most instruments operate the very same way.

Another usage for Corrupted Nodule is as a suicide tablet. Similar to Organic Polymer, which quickly kills the majority of players, it deals 500 damage to the user when swallowed. Similar to Organic Polymer, the Corrupted Nodule may swiftly occupy a creature’s storage because it only piles up to 20.

Corrupted Creatures are a set of the common organisms seen on Extinction that have been corrupted by the Element. Their conduct is enslaved by corruption and becomes a “hive-mentality.” Irrespective of their prior Personality, corrupted creatures are much more strong, ferociously hostile, and untameable.


There are several spots in the desert biome in the southeast, where you can kill corrupted Mantis and Corrupted Pteranodon to get corrupted nodules.

Some of the best locations to farm Polymer in Ark Extinction are mentioned below and are also marked in the picture:

Ark Extinction Polymer Locations

Location #1

Polymer can be farmed at the following coordinates:

  • 87 LAT
  • 70.4 LON

Location #2

Go to the following coordinates to farm Polymer:

  • 36.3 LAT
  • 49.8 LON

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