Batman Arkham Knight AR Challenges Guide – Combat, Predator, Batmobile

By   /   Jun 23, 2015

AR Challenges return in Batman Arkham Knight, and this time around they are much more complex, involving a wide variety of missions that will have you knocking dozens of enemies down, completing time trials on your Batmobile, and taking down some of the most lethal enemy drones in the game.

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Batman Arkham Knight AR Challenges

Arkham Knight divides these challenges into 6 different sections.

  • Tutorial Challenges
  • Combat Challenges
  • Predator Challenges
  • Batmobile Race Challenges
  • Batmobile Combat Challenges
  • Batmobile Hybrid Challenges

Tutorial Challenges

Throw Counter
This is the first AR Challenge you will acquire after getting a new Batsuit early on in the game.

In order to complete this challenge, you will simply need to perform Throw Counters. These are done by pressing forward in the direction of a foe that is about to attack you, then press the Counter button. This will result in Batman throwing the foe forcefully aside.

Fear Multi-Takedown
In Arkham Knight, Batman can perform multiple stealth takedowns from behind by chaining them together. This AR Challenge will help you get familiar with that.

Fear takedowns are performed by the Strike button by sneaking up on enemies unaware of Batman’s presence. In the challenge itself there are four trios of enemies that need to be taken out by Fear Takedowns.

The first trio is fairly simple, standing in a semi-circle. The second and third trios need to be approached by using grates and crawlspaces. You will need to start the takedown from within the crawlspace/grate and then chain them together.

The fourth trio is up a ladder on a catwalk, and a little more spread out. Approach the ladder, wait for the foe to come near, then take him out. Immediately afterwards, look to the right and attempt to takedown the next foe, followed by the last one.

Predator Fundamentals
This is routine stuff for anyone who has played an Arkham game. Predator fundamentals will just get your familiar with the predator basics, and you’ll need to take out three guards in an area while avoiding being spotted.

The Detective mode like always is ever-useful.

Grapnel Boost MK II
It’s time to fly! This challenge will go over the real use and function of the aerodynamic design of the Batsuit. You will need to Grapnel Boost off a smokestack to spot a few Bat signals in midair.

The point of these are to give you a glide path – basically, you have to fly through them. Flying with this new suits involves diving down like a hawk to gain momentum, then spreading the wings to gain lift. Use this mechanism to fly through the Bat signals.

Summon, Eject & Glide
This AR Challenge demonstrates the new mechanic that allows synergy between the Batsuit and the Batmobile. Head to the area and call the Batmobile, then dive downwards. If you time it correctly (not that difficult), you’ll land straight into the vehicle.

Once in control, accelerate all the way to the bat sign, once near it, press the Run button repeatedly to eject yourself into the air. Hold the Run button to gain low altitude flight, and continue through the bat signs till the very end.

Weapon Energy Diagnostics
This is one of the earliest AR Challenges you’ll encounter, shortly after deploying the Batmobile for the first time. The whole purpose is to learn how to activate the Secondary Weapon. This is done by shooting at enemy drone tanks and dodging their incoming attacks.

This will build up your Secondary Weapon energy. Once it is full, you’ll be able to use the Secondary Weapon missile by locking on and firing using the Square/X button. This can be taken one step further by charging the Missile Barrage (Secondary Weapon) up to level 2, which can take out 4 enemies at once.

You will need to tap the locking-on button repeatedly to lock-on and fire at multiple enemies in quick succession.

Combat Challenges

Combo Master
Now the fun part begins. This challenge will include a regular rooftop brawl against a set of enemies. You need to chain combos together to earn yourself certain amount of stars.

Combos are changed by successive successful attacks that are uninterrupted. This means that a combo ends when an attack fails (misses or is simply blocked), when you manage to take a hit from an enemy, or when you take too long between attacks.

Chain up combos in this by avoiding being hit. Keep it simple for this challenge and try a mix of basic attacks and counters instead of anything flashy. A combo of x10 gives you One Star, a combo of x25 is worth 2 Stars, Combo of x50 is worth 3 Stars.

Tower Defense
This combat challenge is unlocked after Chapter 3 once you manage to pick up a floored foe and manage a Critical Beat Down. The challenge on paper is simple, but you’ll be overwhelmed fairly early on with half a dozen foes – some wielding bats and pipes.

The objective is to clear the wave of enemies and maximizing your score. Score is acquired by defeating an enemy, chaining Combos, avoiding hits, countering, throw counters, critical strikes etc.

After taking out the first set of enemies, a Brute will show up along with blade-wielding henchmen, you’ll need to take them out as well. 4000 points gives One Star, 8,000 is worth 2 Stars, and 16,000 is 3 Stars.

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