Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Monsters And Their Weaknesses

As Link explores the Zelda Breath of the Wild world, he will face different types of monsters he must kill to proceed further in the story...

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link awakens in an unknown world after 100 years where everything seems unknown. As Link explores Zelda Breath of the Wild’s version of Hyrule, he faces different monsters he must kill to proceed.

A lot of traditional enemies from Legend of Zelda franchise make a return in BOTW along with some new faces. However, even the older enemies have some twists to them so it can take you some time to figure out the weaknesses of each enemy in Zelda Breath of the Wild which is why we are here.

Zelda Breath of the Wild enemy types and how to defeat them

In this guide, we have covered all the monsters you will face as you explore the world of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Give it a read and head towards the world to conquer it.

Keep in mind that this guide contains the regular enemies you will encounter all over Hyrule and not the bosses. Some of these enemies might have their boss forms.


In Zelda BOTW, Bokoblins come under different colors, which are red, blue, black, silver, green, and golden. Other than these, you have the rare Stalkoblins and Cursed Coblins, which have only 1 HP. The strongest is Blue Bakoblin with 72 HP, and the Reds are the weakest with 12 HP.

You can kill these monsters via weapons, including Chainsaw and Blue Pumpkin, but Goddess Sword is the most effective weapon against them in Zelda BOTW. Few slashes of it and the Bokoblin will be dead. The strongest of all, the Blue Bokoblins, takes five slashes of Goddess Sword before it is all dead. Bokoblins, as they are killed, drop stones, but as they are a heavy weight, they sink in the water.


Moblins are tall monsters in Breath of the Wild with a weird twisted horn on their head. Similar to Bokoblins, they come in different colors: red, blue, black, silver, and green. They all wield Moblin Culbs to attack the opponent, but their weakness is that they don’t use their heads and try to fight with the power.

All their flanks, therefore, are pretty useless. The best strategy to defeat Moblins is to use long-range attacks, which may be an archer, and some magic to distract the Moblin.

Ensure you attack from close wholly and enough to kill it so there’s no chance of it being healed when ambushed by another player in Breath of the Wild.


Lizalfos in Zelda BOTW are lizard-looking monsters with snake patterns on their skins. There are different types of Lizalfos: Fire Breath Lizalfos, Ice-Breath Lizalfos, Electric Lizalfos, Blue Lizalfos, Black Lizalfos, Silver Lizalfos, and Golden Lizalfos. They are tough to beat as they can spit fire, guard themselves, and hit you by moving their tail.

You can kill them by planning based on their movement. Use your sword on the area they haven’t protected as they can’t shield all their area together. Then as soon as they spit fire on you out of anger, take advantage of their widely opened mouth and slice their stomach.

You can also charge a skyward strike as these monsters rise up and then wait for them to land ground and hit them with a beam.


Stals has a skeletal structure with a big head and come only in two categories: Stalmoblin and Stalizalfos. They can be found frequently in the game, and on defeating them, you can get Hinox Tooth and Hinox Trophy. You will face one as well while looking for the Hylian Shield.

In contrast with their big head, they have big eyes, which is their weakness too in Breath of the Wild. To defeat this Stalnox, you must first aim for its eye and hit it. Once the eye falls out of the socket, then attacks the rest of the body. However, the bones become invincible as the eye is out, so only close-range attacks will work.


Cursed are the weird-looking monsters, as the whole structure just consists of a head that is too ugly. They come in three categories: Cursed Bokoblin, Cursed Moblin, and Cursed Lizalfos.

No matter whichever category they belong to, they are rare and only have 1 Hp in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Hit them with any weapon, and they will be instantly killed, so there is nothing to worry about.


Chuchu is jelly creatures and comes in different colors, which are red, white, blue, and green. Red ones are fire Chuchu which tend to burn your weapon if you go near them. White ones in Zelda Breath of the Wild are iced Chuchu. Their strength depends on their sizes as they appear in different sizes. Once defeated, their jellies can be sold for money.

Like Stalnox, the eyes are the most vulnerable part of Chuchus too. Use a close-range attack like arrows, spears, etc. As you hit them, they will be divided into two, and these smaller chuchus will try to get on you, which will cause you damage; therefore, try to attack from not so near and take proper aim on the eye.


Keese are bat creatures that come under three categories: Fire, Ice, and Electric. They all attack by flying toward you; therefore, you must maintain distance from them. The best strategy to one-shot them is using a boomerang in Breath of the Wild.

You can use swords too, but for that, you will need to be very close to them, which involves some risk you can take if you feel yourself pro enough.


Octoroks in the Legends of Zelda, BOTW are similar to octopus creatures. They are divided into Forest Octoroks, Water Octoroks, Rock Octoroks, Snow Octoroks, Treasure Octorok, and Sky Octorok. This classification is done based on the locations they are found and not on the way they attack, as all of them attack the Link by shooting projectiles toward it.

The best strategy to kill Octoroks requires your attention. The timely use of the shield can send back Octo’s projectiles towards them, which on hitting them, will bring them down.


Wizzrobes are ghostly monsters that tend to teleport as they cast magic, making it difficult for you to kill them in Zelda BOTW. They also come up in different categories: fire, ice, electric, Meteo, blizzrobe, and thunder wizzrobe.

You can use swords or bows to attack them, but using the four pads placed in a room, they will teleport as soon as you get near them and, after teleporting, will through ice or fire on you. As they are done with the attack, there’s some time when they can’t cast another; avail that time properly and attack with your sword.

Once one-fourth of HP is left, they will divide themselves into four, out of which three are just illusions to prank you while the fourth one is real. The good thing is the real one won’t be able to teleport itself. Find out the real one and hit it with the sword that will kill it.


They are simple stone monsters that may appear as Igneo pebblit, Stone pebblit, or Frost pebblit. The stone pebblits are the strongest ones with 20 Hp. These Pebblits can attack you using their heads, and to kill them, you need to pick them up and then throw them. However, as you throw them, there will be an explosion; therefore, make sure you move away as you drop them.


Lynel is one of the strongest monsters in the Legends of Zelda; Breath of the Wild Monsters. You should always take up maximum health items when going for the fight with Lynel, as they deal massive damage.

The strategy to kill Lynel is simple, first, stun it with a headshot. However, as it moves swiftly, you need to have a lot of arrows so that you can finally hit the head. Then as you have stunned it, the next thing is to climb its back. Make sure that you have a soldier’s sword. Hit the monster with the sword and keep doing it until the monster dies.


Guardians are the enormous monster in Legends of Zelda; Breath of the Wild Monsters. They come under different categories: Decayed Gaurdian, Gaurdian Stalker, Gaurdian Skywatcher, Gaurdian Turret, and Gaurdian Scout.

The strategy of defeating them is similar to Lynel, but you first need to advance to some level in the game. Guardians attack you by projecting a laser toward you, so make sure you have a shield and wait until the laser is locked.

Then, using a strong weapon, hit the eye and stun them for a while. While they are stunned, attack their legs and make sure you destroy them, so even if they are back to normal, they won’t be able to move. Then using weapons, hit the Guardians, and they will finally die.


Yiga is finally a human monster in the game that will simply challenge you for a fight as soon as you encounter it. He moves fast, and his one swing can cause five hearts of damage which can be fatal.

Killing him is simpler if you have made peace with his high mobility. Use arrows or bomb arrows are good if you have them. Hit him fastly and then, using your shield, attack him with some one-handed weapon from a distant location which finishes him off.