Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Cooking Recipes

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cooking Guide will help you to cook food in Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and what is the best food.

Cooking is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as it offers numerous benefits to the players. It allows you to combine ingredients found throughout Zelda BOTW to cook various dishes through recipes that can restore health, provide temporary boosts to your abilities, or protect you from environmental hazards.

Each Zelda: Breath of the Wild recipe has its own set of effects, and the better the ingredients used, the stronger its recipes will be. Additionally, making recipes is a great way to clear up inventory space and use excess ingredients that may otherwise go to waste.

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How to cook in Zelda BOTW

In order to cook, Link requires various ingredients. You can get ingredients from hunting animals for meat or gathering fruit, nuts, mushrooms, and vegetables. The animals will run away as soon as Link gets too close, so you will need to be sneaky to get close to them and kill them.

Once all the ingredients are collected, all you have to do is find a place to cook food like a cooking pot. Sometimes the fire under the pots will not be lit so Link will have to find a way to light it. If it is raining and the place is not covered then you will just have to wait.

The final step is to cook the food with the ingredients collected in the hot cooking pot you just found. All you have to do is select the ingredients you possess and cook food and that is it.



There are also other methods to Cook food like roasting and environmental cooking. Roasting is very helpful if you are in a need of a quick health boost and you can’t find a cooking pot around then find a more common fire and simply drop ingredients in the fire to roast.

However, you will have to quickly, as it will burn if left in the fire for a prolonged period. In addition, roasting does not give as much health boost as properly cooked food.

Environmental cooking

As for environmental cooking if, you are in a hot climate like inside a volcano. Just drop the ingredient and they will be cooked. In cold areas, some food will flash-freeze into something even more delicious and beneficial to Link.

Some ingredients can be roasted straight from the source, all you have to do is keep the torch under and as it is cooked, collect it.

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is simple enough; however, it is not a mindless task of throwing in the ingredients and making something from them. You will have to mix the ingredients carefully to cook the most efficient dishes in Zelda BOTW.

Zelda Breath of the Wild best recipes

In order to cook in Hyrule, you need fire to roast items while a pot is needed to cook a proper recipe. Link carries a pot with him so start up a fire and use the pot to cook.

You need different ingredients to cook and these are spread across the entire map.

Best heart recipes

Hearts in Zelda BOTW increase your chances of survival, allowing you to participate in high-risk missions for huge rewards. You do not have to worry that much about the negative outcomes of the battle or mission if you possess an ample supply of hearts.

For this purpose, you should be aware of the following heart-boosting recipes.

Dish NameRecipeEffects
Copious Seafood Skewers2 Hearty Salmon, 1 Hearty Bass+ 1 Hyrule Bass+ 1 Sanke CarpFull Recovery + 10 Extra Hearts
Fish and Mushroom Skewers3 Big Hearty Truffles, 2 Hearty SalmonFull Recovery + 20 Extra Hearts
Glazed Meat4 Raw Gourmet Meats, 1 Courser Bee HoneyMaximum 28 Hearts
Glazed Mushrooms4 Big Hearty Truffles+ 1 Courser Bee HoneyMaximum 28 Hearts
Steamed Fruit4 Hearty Durian+ 1 Endura CarrotMaximum 28 Hearts
Fish SkewerHearty Bass + Hearty SalmonFull Recovery + 5 Extra Hearts

Best stamina recipes

The gameplay of Breath of the Wild requires tremendous stamina to keep up with the climbing of mountains and running from deadly enemies. Link can get exhausted in the hefty game environment and conditions, even with a max stamina wheel. Hence, you should know some valuable recipes to maintain your stamina needs.

Dish NameRecipeEffect
Enduring Fried Wild Greens5 Endura Carrots2 Extra Stamina Wheels
Enduring Steamed Mushrooms2 Endura Carrots+ 3 Endura Shrooms1 Extra Stamina Wheel
Enduring Steamed Meat2 Endura Carrots+2 Endura Shrooms, 1 Raw Gourmet Meat1 Extra Stamina Wheel
Energizing Honey Candy5 Courser Bee HoneyMaximum 2 4/5 Stamina Wheels Refilled
Energizing Salt-Grilled Fish2 Staminoka Bass+ 2 Stamella Mushrooms+ Rock SaltMaximum 3 Stamina Wheels Refilled

Best environmental-assisting recipes

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Link must prepare cold, heat, and electric-resistant foods to survive different climates. Recipes labeled as “spicy” have an “old resist effect, “chilly” “have a “eat resist effect, and “electro” has an “electric resist.

Dish NameRecipeEffect
Spicy Fish SkewerSizzlefin Trout + 3 Fairies+ Any Dragon Horn Shard30-Minute Cold Resistance
Spicy Steamed Mushrooms3 Sunshrooms + Warm Saffina +Shard of Farosh’s Horn30-Minute Cold Resistance
Chilly Fruit and Mushroom Mix3 Chillshrooms + Hydromelon + Shard of Farosh’s Horn12:30 Minute Cold Resistance
Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix4 Spicy Peppers+ Sunshroom30 Minutes of Heat Resistance
Spicy Sauteed Peppers5 Spicy Peppers12:30 Minute Cold Resistance
Chilly Veggie Rice Balls4 Cool Saffina+ Hylian Rice11 Minutes Heat Resistance
Electro Fish and Mushroom Skewer3 Voltshroom+ Zapshroom, Shard of Farosh’s Horn30-Minute Electric Resistance
Electro Simmered Fruit4 Voltfruit+ Monster Extract30-Minute Electric Resistance
Electro Fish Skewer2 Voltfin Trout+ 2 Fairies, Shard of Any Dragon Horn30-Minute Electric Resistance

Best stealth recipes

Stealth is quite an essential factor in Breath of the Wild as it allows players to sneak past enemies, gather undetected resources, and initiate surprise attacks, increasing their chances of survival and success in the game.

Dish NameRecipeEffects
Sneaky Fried Wild Greens3 Silent Princesses, Fairy, Shard of Farosh’s Horn10-Minute Stealth Boost
Sneaky Steamed FishSilent Princess, 2 Silent Shrooms, 2 Sneaky River Snails30-Minute Stealth Boost
Sneaky Fried Wild Greens5 Silent Princesses10-Minute Stealth Boost

Best recipes for attacking and defense

The more you progress through the gameplay, the tougher the enemies come your way. For increasing the attack stat of Link, you must consume “mighty” dishes, while “tough” labeled dishes enhance the defense power.

Dish NameRecipeEffect
Tough Omlet4 Ironshroom+ Bird Egg4:50 Minutes High-Strength Defense Boost
Tough Salt-Grilled FishIronshroom, Fresh Milk+ Rock Salt+ 2 Armored Porgy4:50 Minutes High-Strength Defense Boost
Tough Porgy MeunièreTabantha Wheat, Goat Butter+ 3 Armored Porgy4:50 Minutes High-Strength Defense Boost
Mighty Simmered Fruit4 Mighty Bananas+ Shard of any Dragon Horn30 Minutes High-Strenth Attack Boost
Mighty Herb Sautè2 Mighty Porgy+ Mighty Thistle+ Bird Egg+ Goron Spice5:30 Minutes High-Strength Attack Boost
Mighty Simmered Fruit4 Mighty Bananas+ Monster Extract10 Minutes High-Strenth Attack Boost

Best Elixir recipes

Elixirs are consumable items that provide various temporary effects to the player’s players, such as increased speed, resistance to specific elemental damage, and enhanced stealth. Elixirs combine different ingredients with critters or monster parts, which can be found throughout the Zelda Breath of the Wild world.

Elixir NameIngredientEffects
Fireproof ElixirSmotheringwing Butterfly+ Fireproof LizardProvides Flame Guard
Hasty ElixirHot-Footed Frog+ Hightail LizardIncreases Movement Speed
Sneaky ElixirSunset FireflyIncreases Stealth
Energizing ElixirRestless Cricket+ Energetic Rhino BeetleRestores Stamina
Enduring ElixirTireless FrogExtra Stamina
Hearty ElixirHearty LizardGrants extra Hearts
Chilly ElixirWinterwing Butterfly+ Cold DarnerProvides Heat Resistance
Mighty ElixirBladed Rhino BeetleIncreases Attack Power
Tough ElixirRugged Rhino BeetleIncreases Defense
Electro ElixirThunderwing Butterfly+ Electric DarnerProvides electric Resistance
Spicy ElixirSummerwing Butterfly+ Warm DarnerProvides Cold Resistance

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