How To Get Rid Of Poison Gas In The Witcher 3

Learn how to survive against the deadliest enemy in The Witcher 3: poison gas.

Throughout your travels in The Witcher 3, you will encounter caves and swamp areas filled with poison gas. Despite Geralt being a mutant, this poisonous gas can be quite deadly for him and it can eat away at his health swiftly.  

You can circumvent the deadly effects of the poison gas in The Witcher 3 in several ways. In this guide, we’ll go through all the ways you can do so.

How to get through poison gas in The Witcher 3

The poison gas appears in the form of a green mist, mostly in caves or underground ruin areas. If Geralt breathes it in long enough, he will start coughing, and his health will slowly decrease.


The next-gen update of The Witcher 3 introduced a weird new bug where players are unable to see the green mist of poisonous areas. So you end up walking into areas with poison gas without you knowing, which can result in almost certain death. You can either meditate near the area with the poison gas or you can restart the game or your console/PC to fix this issue.

In some places, it is possible to avoid and bypass these poisonous gas clouds in TW3 Wild Hunt; however, in many locations, the only way forward is to get rid of the gas.

Do keep in mind that you can’t permanently get rid of poison gasses in TW3. It will disappear for a short while only to return again, so you have to make full use of the time granted.

Knowing how to deal with poison gas in The Witcher 3 is particularly useful for the quests Through Time and Space and Wandering in the Dark, where Geralt has to progress through areas overflowing with deadly gas.


While there is a plague doctor mask that you get during the main story of Blood and Wine DLC, that mask is unfortunately not a gas mask and can’t protect you from poison gas in The Witcher 3. Your only solutions to avoid or get rid of poison gas are the methods we have explained below.

Burning with Igni

The best course of action would be to stand away from the gas and cast Igni. This is the most common way of dealing with the problem, though it can backfire if you’re not careful. When you use Igni to get rid of the gas, it creates an explosion, and if you’re too close to it, you’ll end up taking quite a bit of damage. 

Hence, before dealing with the gas, you must ensure that you’re at a significant distance from it. Alternatively, you can upgrade the Igni sign to increase its range, which will lower your chances of getting damaged. This is a temporary solution since you’ll only get around 5-7 seconds before the gas reappears.

So, while using Igni, it is important to keep moving while also maintaining a safe distance from the gas before clearing it. 

Pushing away using Aard

Another way of dealing with the toxic gas is to cast the sign of Aard. This spell creates a telekinetic thrust that can push your opponents back while also stunning them. Repeatedly use the spell and push the gas away while taking a few steps forward each time.

Unfortunately, this only works if the area is open enough to make space. Otherwise, the gas would find its way back and would damage Geralt. Because of this limitation, Igni is a far better sign to use against poison gas in TW3. Just make sure you are at a safe distance to avoid the explosion.

Golden Oriole Potion

An alternate method to tackle the toxic gases is using the Golden Oriole Potion. Geralt can craft this potion if he possesses its alchemical formula. When used, Geralt will temporarily become invincible to the damage caused by the poisonous gases, allowing him to travel unscathed through the toxic gas.


Viper school armor does the same job as Golden Oriole potion, so you can equip that as well and become immune to poison gas. However, you can only use one of these and can’t stack their benefits.

If you don’t have the alchemical formula for the potion, you can obtain it through an herbalist on the outskirts of Oxenfurt. Explore the area until you run into him, then purchase the recipe.

The duration of the base variant of this potion is 60 seconds. If you want, you can have two more high-level variants of this potion, which have a duration of 120 and 180 seconds, respectively. The potions are enhanced golden oriole and superior golden oriole.

If you want the enhanced golden oriole recipe, you can head to Jonna, an alchemist in the Rannivaig. You can also find it in the loot chests if you are lucky. At the same time, the recipe for this potion’s third and final upgrade is purchasable.

You can head to the Skellige Isles and get the recipe for the Superior golden oriole. The fast travel location is available after helping Gremist in the A Practicum in Advanced Alchemy side quest.

You can make use of different grades of honey to lower the effects of poison gas should you find yourself without options.

Thyssen armor

Another way to avoid poison gas damage is to craft the Thyssen Armor in TW3. It gives Geralt a 100% resistance to Poison, allowing him to be completely immune to the clouds of poison gas when this armor is equipped. 

You will need the following items to craft this armor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

  • Hardened leather x2
  • Cured Draconid leather ×2
  • Meteorite ingot ×2
  • Ruby dust ×1
  • Dark steel plate ×4

Pops mold antidote potion

This is a craftable potion in The Witcher 3 that can help you eliminate the effects of poison-causing substances, but its use is minimal. You can only use it to get protection from the poisonous mold in the sewers below the bathhouse. You can’t use this potion anywhere else.

You need the ingredients below if you want to craft it.

  • White myrtle petals ×4
  • Celandine ×1
  • Hellebore petals ×1
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