V Rising Prisoners Guide: How To Build Prison Cell, Manage Prisoners

For those who are looking for information on Prisoner Dungeons, an important source of power, this guide has got all the information that you need to know about keeping prisoners and prisoner cells in V Rising.

How To Build Prison Cells

The prisoner system in V Rising allows you to choose your food and blood type while maintaining 100% quality of blood. That blood can then be harvested for an endless time period.

To do the above, first of all, you need to build a prison cell in V Rising. Building a prison cell is not an early game task as you need to kill and drain V Blood from Vincent the Frostbiter. He’s a level 40 ice boss and can be found on the central roads of the Dunley Farmlands.

After getting done with Vincent, you can start building the prison cells in your castle. This can be found under production and later in the dominance options.

To build a prison cell, you need to have x12 Iron Ingots that can be found easily in high-level areas. There’s no limit to prison cells in V Rising and you can continue to build as many cells as you need.

How To Find Pure Blood Enemies

To fill up the prison cells with pure blood enemies, first of all, you need to unlock the charming skills through normal questing. Without getting the skill, you can’t hunt pureblood enemies. The pureblood enemies are often found in high-altitude areas.

The best chances are the northern region of the map where most of the pureblood enemies reside. The Cursed Forest can be ignored as it only has minor creatures.

One best way to point out the purest blood type enemies is using the Blood Hunter skill that can be obtained after killing Tristian the Vampire Hunter. The skill shows the blood type and percentages of every single enemy in view.

How To Find Prisoners For Your Prison Cells in V Rising

You can charm enemies and send them back to the castle. The caves may also be used to get back to the castle if you are too far away.

After getting back to the castle, click on the prison cell and click on the imprison option. This will put the charmed enemy into the prison cell and new options will be made available.

You can drain blood from the prisoner but this will reduce their health to 30-60%. You must then feed your prisoners to keep them from dying.

How To Feed Your Prisoners And Keep Them Alive

When a prisoner is imprisoned, they have low hp and need to be fed to restore their health. You can feed them rats that will restore their hp to 20-30%. The other food option available is fish that restores their hp to the max. This can be done by looking into the options of the prison cell.

The rats can be obtained in abundance by putting some plant fibers and bones into your Vermin Nest. The fat grubby fishes can be got by scavenging villages or simply by fishing.

How To Manage Prisoner Misery

The misery level determines the amount of hp that falls when blood is drawn from a prisoner. Higher misery causes more damage when the blood is drawn. Therefore, it is to be kept low.

The misery level of your prisoners increases each time you draw blood from them. You need to keep that level low and that can be done by feeding them some quality fish such as Rainbow Trout that reduces the misery level by 5-10%. The Sage Fish can restore hp up to 70% and reduce misery to 15-30%.

How To Craft Glass Flasks

The glass flasks disappear from your inventory once you drink the blood in them and every time you need a new glass flask to drain blood into. The flask can either be looted by scavenging the villages or can be prepared on an alchemy bench.

The alchemy bench is unlocked by defeating the level 30 boss Clive the Fire Starter and the glass recipe is unlocked after defeating level 44 boss Christina the Sun Priestess. The quartz is required to be put into the furnace to make glass, which can be found in the northern part of Dunley Farmlands.

How To Drain Prisoner Blood

To drain the blood of your prisoners, just select their prisoner cell to show an option called Drain Blood. Use the titular option to start draining their blood into your available flasks.

How To Build Matching Prison Floor

Building a matching prison floor can reduce the damage taken by your prisoners by 25%. Matching the prison floor is not easy and is a late-game task. This requires a lot of boss farming, luck, and schematics.

Blood Bank Types

To consistently play with the 100% percent blood type, there are two options available. One is to target humans with the desired blood types and imprison them.

The second is to charm different blood types and use them for different purposes. You can use Worker’s blood for farming or Pure Warrior’s blood for a boss fight. For all other activities, you may use any low-quality blood type.

How To Save Pure 100% Blood

The blood can be saved by adapting different alternatives for healing like solving potions or animal forms like beer to heal naturally. The blood rate drops slowly if you take a short break and enter your coffin for some time. All these tips can be combined to save 100% pure blood for a longer period of time.

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