How To Earn And Use Course Points In Two Point Campus

Course Points (CP) are a kind of currency in Two Point Campus that you can spend on either adding new...

Course Points (CP) are a kind of currency in Two Point Campus that you can spend on either adding new courses or improving the existing ones.

Courses are one of the main ways to make money in the game, which makes Course Points fairly important to have. The more and better courses you have, the more students will enroll. The more students you have, the more money you will make through course fees and dormitory rents.

You will, however, need to first earn them through progression. There is no easy way here to simply purchase CP through microtransactions.

The following guide will explain how to earn and use Course Points in Two Point Campus.

How To Earn Course Points

You gain a specific amount of Course Points at the end of the year. This is when you receive a report card that details how well your students and campus performed throughout the year.

Course Points are also linked to your campus level. You can earn 10+ CP every time you level up your campus.

There are various ways to increase your campus level such as fulfilling the requirements of staff and students, hiring the best staff, maintaining hygiene, increasing the attractiveness of your campus, and such.

If you are starting a Sandbox game in Two Point Campus, you will automatically receive some Course Points at the start of the academic year. You can then spend these points (more like investing them) on your campus upgrades. This will ensure that your campus is good enough to get a good report card for a good CP amount when the academic year ends.

Course Points go to your University at the end of each year. When you start a Sandbox game, your campus receives a set amount of Course Points before the academic year starts.

How To Use Course Points

Course Points are primarily used to add new courses to attract new students and upgrade existing courses to accommodate students.

Take note that adding new courses is an expensive business. You need to be absolutely sure which course to add. Since you will have a limited number of CP, you cannot just throw your CP around on every course. Pick one course to invest in the long run.

Furthermore, note that the CP cost varies with the kind of course. The easier courses like Scientography require 30 CP to unlock. The harder courses like Archaeology require 30 CP to unlock.

When it comes to upgrading courses, the upgrade cost varies as well. The first upgrade will cost 15 CP for every course. However, the cost will increase by 5 CP with each upgrade. You can only upgrade a course after the academic year ends. Hence, a three-year course will cost 25 CP in total to upgrade.

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