How To Increase Attractiveness In Two Point Campus

There is more to running a campus than just making new rooms, adding new courses, and hiring new staff. You...

There is more to running a campus than just making new rooms, adding new courses, and hiring new staff. You must also make sure that your campus meets a certain attractiveness level throughout the game.

Attractiveness is its own stat and gameplay mechanic in Two Point Campus. By increasing attractiveness, you help increase the happiness of your staff and students. In addition, the game will often set goals of raising your campus attractiveness to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, Two Point Campus does not really explain how to increase your attractiveness stats. The following guide will hence make it easier for you to beautify your campus and ensure the aesthetics every good university should have.

How to increase Campus Attractiveness

There are a number of ways through which to increase attractiveness in Two Point Campus. The easiest of which is to simply add decoration items to your rooms.

When browsing through your items, look for the ones that state “Increase Attractiveness” in their descriptions. These kinds of items can be just about anything. They can be furniture, plants, posters, statues, fountains, and such.

Take note the level of attractiveness of all decor items varies. Furthermore, certain decor items are far more beneficial in certain rooms than others.

How to get a higher Attractiveness rating

Raising your campus’ attractiveness takes a little getting used to. It is not just adding rugs and flowers in every room and hallway. Two Point Campus grades each room separately for its Room Prestige.

Hence, you will be looking to increase the attractiveness levels of your entire campus as a whole, meaning that you must also make your campus grounds attractive, not just the inside rooms.

Another way of increasing your campus’ attractiveness stat is by focusing on hygiene. Having a clean campus does not necessarily boost your attractiveness as much as it ensures your attractiveness does not fall.

Items that improve Attractiveness

If the campus is dirty and not maintained, adding furniture and statues will not really help in increasing attractiveness. To keep the campus clean, you can add bins throughout the campus and hire janitors to keep your campus clean.

If you have a garden on your campus, you will also need to hire janitors to maintain the garden as well.

How to check the Attractiveness of your Campus

Clicking on the eye icon in the bottom left corner of the screen will give you an overview of your campus. The areas that are bright green have high attractiveness levels. The areas that are darker or grey are the ones where you need to add more decorations to increase their attractiveness.

Make sure to check your campus now and then. A good trick is to make a new room and then check the heat map to confirm how many decors you need for its attractiveness.

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