Age of Empires 4 Mongols Horsemen Rush Build Order

In this guide, we'll show you the Age of Empires 4 Mongols Horsemen Rush Build Order that you can use for fast progression through the ages

Age of Empires 4 is a real-time strategy game that lets you manage a historical civilization with distinct features. One of these is the Mongols, who are a fast-paced and aggressive civilization that don’t need houses. After much observation of the unique Mongol civilization, we’ve formulated the perfect strategy for you in AOE4 if you are playing with the Mongols.

The Mongol horsemen rush tactic in AOE4 is groundbreaking as it focuses on making outposts in the enemy’s land and attacking them while defending the villagers. This technique focuses on producing a large number of horsemen to overwhelm the enemy in the early stages of the game. It also takes out the enemy in the game’s first 5-10 minutes.

Build Order

This villager’s setup will allow you to effectively farm the essential resources in AOE4, ensuring you do not run out while setting up the Mongols Horsemen rush.

You’ll start your arrangement by queuing up two villagers and then set up as follows:

  • Sheep – 5 Villagers on Sheep
  • Ovoo – Villager on Ovoo and then Joins Villagers on Wood later
  • Wood – 3 Villagers on Wood (4)
  • Stable – 1 Villager to Build Stable and then Join Villagers on Food later
  • Food – 4 Villagers on Food (10)
  • Gold – 1 Villager on Gold and 1 Villager from Wood joins for Gold later
  • Vills – 2 Forward Vills
  • Outposts – 2 Villagers to build Outposts
  • Horsemen – 4 Horsemen
  • Landmark – 3 villagers from Wood to Landmark
  • Wood – New Villagers on Wood
  • Training – Keep training Horsemen in pairs

Unit Management

Once you queue villagers, you must continue gathering them until two go to the Outpost near the enemy town center. This will initiate harassment in the early game; if there is no harassment, the rush will fail.

By initiating harassment, you can send out your ships with Khan and collect as much food as possible. When the harassment begins, enemies will spawn, so be ready to tackle them.

Always ensure that your Ovoo and Stable are in the same area of influence. By the time you reach this point, your army will already have acquired four sheep and brought them back to your town centre.

Now, you’ll appoint Khan to find other sheep available at the enemy town center. As for the gold, you’ll have to monitor the villagers you’ve appointed to collect it closely. Simultaneously, you also have to make sure you have enough wood. Enough wood will allow you to build the Mongolian Structure Ger.

Now, your horsemen will be on their way and provide you with the protection of villagers whom you’ll send to find your adversary.

Horsemen will protect villagers from potential threats like Scouts and wolf packs. Meanwhile, the rest of the horsemen will follow you toward the enemy’s town center.

Khan will accompany you with the horsemen to help the villagers build the outpost. As soon as the outpost can function, the villagers will go inside and start attacking the enemies with arrows.

Strategies for Mongol Horsemen Rush

One of the core elements that will make this Mongol horsemen strategy work and achieve its full potential is being fast and wasting no time.

Since your army will acquire land near the enemy’s Town Center and build an outpost, you should act fast.

Send your villagers on their tasks, and once they are back, put them on other tasks. Our build’s order consists of a few villagers doing more than one task. This will contribute to rapid mobility and help you execute your plan successfully.

You must also be cautious of the enemy and their potential threats to your villagers. Since this puts your army in a vulnerable state, be sure your Mongol horsemen protect your men at all times.

You can also have the enemy’s strong villagers come to fight you and your men, so remember to strategize according to the dangers you might face.

Easy Mongol Builds in AoE4

Fast Fedual into Double Reduction of Keshik:

  1. Set your village near the wood line and assign your builders to chop
  2. Build Ovoo with one builder
  3. Assign builders on food and gold after chop
  4. Age up quickly to Feudal Age
  5. Save some wood to build stables and double produce the Keshik
  6. Raid the enemy’s town with double-produced Keshik

Traditional Spearman Rush Opening:

  1. Assign the villagers on wood and build the barracks near the Town Center
  2. Send the scout to locate the enemy’s base and sheep
  3. Assign five villagers to wood and remaining to food
  4. Build a town near the enemy’s base to deny resources
  5. Increase the number of Spearman and attack the enemy
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