Two Point Campus Dormitory Guide

So you’re building a Campus in Two Point Campus, and you need to make a place for your students to sleep and re-energize themselves. Well, this is where the Dormitory Comes in.

The Dormitory is the first go-to hub that your students visit when entering the Campus. It’s an important place for them as it serves as a place for them to live, so you really need to make them feel at home.

This can be done in several different ways. The importance of having a well-maintained Dormitory might be overlooked by some, but that’s not the way to go. This is because having a good Dormitory allows you to better accommodate students and raise the dough you want in the form of rent.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to maintain an astounding Dormitory in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Dormitory

The Dormitory is unlocked fairly early in the game. It is a mandatory task to build a Dormitory, which the game will force you to do right after building the classroom and then the bathroom.

You’ll first be introduced to it during the tutorial face in the Freshleigh Meadows.

Dormitory Requirements

The starting cost to build your dormitory is about 7,800$ and you are required to build at least a 2×2 dorm.

Once you’ve got the base of the dormitory down, there are a few more items that are compulsory to place inside it; at least one bed, a wardrobe, and a door.

These items are necessary for the dorm as they are the basic requirements for a student to live in it. Building a good dormitory means that your students have a place to sleep, regain their energy, and feel happier. This will also allow you to raise more rent if properly accommodated.

There are also a lot of other things you can add to make the dormitory more wholesome, but it’s not necessary to add them.

Best Dormitory Items

Aside from the standard requirements of doors, beds, and wardrobes, there are a lot of things you can add to the dorm to make it more comfortable.

  • Decoration Items: Things like posters or rugs or generally all kinds of decoration items help to make the room look more appealing and increase your student’s happiness.
  • Windows: Although sacrificing a bit of privacy, which apparently the students don’t really care about much, you’ll be able to provide natural light for your students to make them happier.
  • Air Conditioners/Radiators: Depending on what kind of environment, you can add air conditioners and radiators to keep an optimum temperature in your dorm, making your students feel at home.

Dormitory Tips

Each dormitory comes with a prestige system. This prestige system will play a direct role in increasing your Accommodation Rating, which determines how much rent you’ll collect.

Naturally, you want to make a decent dorm to fill that Accommodation Rating all the way up, increasing the rent you get and getting the value for your money, even though maintaining a dorm doesn’t cost much.

That said, here are some things you can do to reach prestige 10 and get the highest Accommodation Rating and make your students feel at home.

  • We recommend that you build around a 7×3 base to get a larger dorm and perfectly spatial place all the necessary items to make it reach all the way up to prestige 10.
  • Each bed accommodates five students. You can add up to 10 beds in a 7×3 Dormitory (if you sacrifice a bit of aesthetics) to get the maximum out of the room.
  • You have three different kinds of beds available to use in the dorm. You can unlock an extra type of bed, called the double jump bed later on with Kudosh. Now, an important thing to note about the prestige system is that each item you add increases a little bit of it, but if you use multiple duplicates of the same item, you receive less prestige for it. Keeping that in mind, you should use different kinds of beds to really kick off that prestige bar.
  • Another thing we recommend is placing two Wardrobes. This allows your students to be more efficient rather than having 50 students waiting in line to use one of them.
  • You can also add a variety of different decorations to really kick off that prestige bar, you can use all kinds of them, but keeping that system in mind remember to use at least two duplicates and then move on to the next type. This is because the first two items of the same type offer a fairly greater amount of prestige points, rather than a third one.
  • You need to pay attention to what kind of environment your Campus is on. If it’s a cold one, you can put a radiator in the center to provide the optimum temperature for your students. If it’s a hotter environment, you can put Air Conditioner outlets to make it cooler.