How To Raise Campus Level In Two Point Campus

The overall size of your campus is determined by its campus level. Your campus level also serves as a level requirement for objectives and upgrades, especially to unlock new courses in Two Point Campus.

Hence, it becomes important to understand how to increase your campus level if you want to progress in the game.

There are a number of ways through which you can increase your campus level. The following guide will go through all of them to make it easier for you to build your dream campus in Two Point Campus.

How To Increase Your Campus Level

The progress of your campus level can be viewed from the campus level bar at the bottom right. You need to fill the bar to level up your campus, after which the bar will reset and you must earn another level-up.

Note that every time your campus levels up, you will receive 10 Course Points. These points are important because you need them to add new courses or upgrade existing ones. Doing so also unlocks additional hiring options.

Add more rooms

The infrastructure plays a vital role in the campus level. The larger the campus is, the higher the campus level gets. Adding more rooms on the campus can help you increase the campus level. The rooms that you may add can be classrooms, bathrooms, entertainment rooms, and many more. The XP that you receive increases by the number of rooms.

The decorations added to the rooms also help to improve the campus level and one other way to add items is getting the students what they want from reading the inbox.

Hire and train staff

The more the staff is qualified, the more it benefits the students as well as the campus. Recruiting highly qualified staff helps improve the campus level. One step further here is to send your staff to Training Rooms to get their skills upgraded. This also improves the campus level.

Induct more students

Like staff, taking more students on campus also helps improve the campus level. Student happiness is also important to raise the campus level and thus this should also be a consideration.

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