How To Make Money Fast In Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is all about building and running your dream university, for which you are going to obviously require a lot of money.

During your progression, you will have to purchase land to build your buildings, upgrade those very buildings, recruit and pay teachers and other staff, purchase items for your rooms, and so much more.

Since Two Point Campus is a simulation game, you will also need to manage your funds appropriately. Earning the most money as quickly as possible, hence, becomes a priority in the game.

The following guide will help point out all the ways through which you can make money fast in Two Point Campus. The guide will also note how you should manage your money.

How To Get/Save Money In Two Point Campus

Invest in your courses

The main money-making method in Two Point Campus is always going to be your courses. Investing in courses means bringing in students which in turn brings tuition fees and dorm rental income.

Ignoring your courses will result in a low number of new students. Having no students will slash your tuition fees and when there are no students, it naturally means no one is going to rent your dorms. Ultimately, you will be reducing your profits.

Hence, focus on your courses at all times. Target a couple of courses to level up as quickly as possible. Make sure that you are spending your course points intelligently to get as many students as possible.

Archaeology is a massive income boost

One sure way to rake in a large amount of money in Two Point Campus is by introducing the Archaeology course at your university.

You will require a dig site for this but whenever a student unearths a relic or treasures at the dig site, you will be able to sell them for money. This will give your income a huge boost.

Another trick is to wait a few months when selling a rare relic as the price of such relics that you find will only go up with time. For instance, if you find an Ancient Gem, it will go for around $40,000. If you wait a few months, the price will go up to $50,000.

You can also set the course fee to be a low amount or even free. This will reduce the amount of money you earn from tuition fees and dorm rents but will allow more students to enroll, increasing the number of relics found at your dig site, meaning a sure way to increase profits in the long run.

However, note that a dig site comes with its own cost. Your students will require computer and science labs for their research. Hence, do not go for multiple pits straight away or you will probably go bankrupt.

Research projects for quick money

You will primarily be researching to upgrade your facilities. Once you are done and all of your facilities are improved, you can still do research but to make money.

Two Points Campus will throw random goals at you that net as much as $50,000 per research. Hence, have a fully upgraded Research Lab ready at your university with at least three teachers with high research stats so that you can finish a research in quick time.

Raise your course fees

You can increase your tuition fees at the start of every year to increase profits. That, however, comes at a big risk. Students will become pretty unhappy about having to pay more. You can balance their unhappiness through other methods but if you keep raising the tuition fees necessarily, they will eventually leave.

Decrease your staff salaries

In the same vein as your course fees, you can alter your staff salaries at the start of every year. The only problem is that paying a skilled staff less is going to make them unhappy. Keep at it and they will leave, taking all that you invested into them with them.

Place vending and arcade machines

Make sure to have a vending machine in every building to feed your students. Having an arcade machine will also help increase your students’ happiness as well as earn you a little income on the side.

Take loans when needed

You will most probably need to take a loan at the start of the game to set up new courses and manage other things. Taking loans is not bad in the game as they will help speed up your goal of improving facilities. You should, however, keep a sharp eye on your income and not just rely on loans alone.

The Orb Foundation is your last resort

Even after utilizing all of the above options and you still need money, then you can bring in the Orb. The Orb is a sinister cult that will negatively impact the thoughts of your students. However, you receive a stipend whenever a student levels up within the cult. Use this method only when you are desperate for money!

Only hire staff with a single skill

Hiring someone with multiple specializations may look good on paper but they can only teach one course at a time. You will still be paying them based on their specializations and that means paying a person double for two courses, for example, while they are only teaching a single course at your university.

If you are looking for someone to teach medicine, make sure to hire a person who only specializes in medicine. This will not only save you money but also make it far more efficient to invest in that same person.

This goes for all roles. Don’t hire assistants who have high marks in both medicine and pastoral. They can only do one thing at a time, so don’t waste the money on someone with both skills. Only hire applicants that specialize.

Stop expanding unnecessarily

Just like any other simulation game, you will go bankrupt if you keep expanding your university in Two Point Campus. Refrain from adding new courses and new rooms just for the sake of it, and stop buying land unless you are ready to build.

Money is a crucial resource in Two Point Campus. You need to be absolutely sure where and what you need to invest in. Upgrading a facility that is not netting you enough income is a bad move. Hence, learn to look at your income stream and resources before thinking of going big.

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