Best Two Point Campus Upgrades

There are a number of facilities to build in Two Point Campus and they all can be upgraded to further...

There are a number of facilities to build in Two Point Campus and they all can be upgraded to further improve their efficiencies.

However, you need to be extra careful when deciding which facility to upgrade and when. Making money is not easy in Two Point Campus and random upgrades just for the sake of it will bring you one step closer to bankruptcy.

To upgrade a particular facility on your campus, there are several prerequisites you need to meet. You first have to research the particular facility to unlock its upgrades. Then, you need to have even more money and the skilled personnel required to upgrade the facility you want.

It can often be pretty difficult to grasp the concept of upgrading your facilities in the game. Hence, the following guide will walk you through the process by explaining how to research and the best upgrades to invest your money in Two Point Campus.

Best Campus Upgrades

The best investment you can make on upgrades are those that will grant you instant income and value for your money, which are practically those industries that are used the most.

It doesn’t make any sense to just randomly select the stuff you want to upgrade and expect a great outcome since the process of Researching takes quite some time to complete even if it comes cheap. Therefore, we recommend down below some of the best upgrades you can research for in Two Point Campus.

Research Hub

Since you Research all of the other upgrades from the Research Hub, upgrading this particular facility itself would prove quite useful since it’ll reduce the time taken to research all of the other upgrades that you want.

This could be the best thing you could do as you have the potential to reduce the time taken to research all other upgrades by upgrading one single facility.


One of the key factors of the game is to ensure that all your students remain top-notch and score the highest, meaning that they maintain a constant above-average grade.

So, if you were to upgrade the Lectern early on, it would improve the student’s learning in the Lecture Hall and allow them to achieve the highest grades possible, which prevents them from dropping out and damaging your economy.

Training Pod

Along with students’ happiness and their grade, you also have to ensure that all of your staff is top-notch. Since the Training Pod is quite slow in refining your staff, spending some time early on to research this upgrade would make things easier.

This way the staff would be trained faster and you’d have some of the best personnel on your campus in no time.


Caring for your student’s health is also very important if you want them to live happier life at your campuses. This is quite difficult later on when you land on more campuses later on, as the chances of injuries increase and this leaves a bad mark on your students’ happiness.

Therefore, upgrading the Medical Office facility will make your job much easier as it’ll be more than able to produce sufficient anti-depressants and painkillers to satisfy your students.

Money Products (Cash/Kudosh)

The best way to make more money and Kudosh is by spending it, but not just anywhere though, you need to spend it here. Aside from all other upgrades mentioned previously, if you feel like you won’t really profit from upgrading any other facility much, then you should throw your money here to make good use of it.

How Research Works

You’ll be able to research and upgrade your facilities once you reach a specific point in the game, that is, Mitton University, the third hospital. Here, you’ll first learn about the Research Lab after teaching your Janitor about upgrading through the Training Pod.

The Research Lab is a special area that allows you to upgrade all other facilities on your Campus, including itself. We’ll talk about the best upgrades you can make early on later. First, let us learn how to use the Research Lab.

You first need to assign a Teacher to the Research Lab. To make things even easier, you can assign a teacher that is more skilled in researching so that it’s done faster. These Teachers will have a microscope icon on them, meaning that they have research skills.

After you’ve assigned the Teacher you want to the Research Lab, click on it and select the “Start New Project” Option. This will open up a plethora of Projects, including the estimated time to complete them.

You’ll also be able to see some projects that would be locked. This is because you don’t have the necessary requirements to research it, which may be anything from some personnel with a particular skill, or as simple as the upgrade that you want to carry out doesn’t actually exist yet.

The next thing to do is to select the particular project you want to research and begin it by paying the “Greenlight Fee”. Don’t be fooled by the Greenlight Fee though, because you’ll actually be spending staff wages and will lose money since one of your teachers has to constantly work in the Research Lab.

Lectern II Lectern II item upgrade, Lectern III research project None
Lectern III Lectern III item upgrade Lectern II
Omni-Cure II Omni-Cure II item upgrade None
Omni-Cure III Omni-Cure III ite upgrade Omni-Cure II
Research Hub III Research Hub II item upgrade None
Training Pod II Training Pod II item upgrade Research Hub II
Training Pod III Training Pod III item upgrade None
Green Screen II Greed Screen II item upgrade None
Green Screen III Green Screen III item upgrade Green Screen II
Cheese Course III Cheese course II item upgrade 1x Staff with Academic Exercise
Combat Training Station II Combat Training Station II item upgrade 1x Staff with Knight School
Combat Training Station III Combat Training Station III item upgrade Combat Training Station II and 2x Staff with Knight School
Dragon Tower II Dragon Tower II item upgrade 1x Staff with Knight School
Dragon Tower III Dragon Tower III item upgrade Dragon Tower II and 2X Staff with Knight School
Duelling Ring II Duelling Ring III item upgrade 1x Staff with Wizardry
Dueling Ring III Duelling Ring III item upgrade Duelling Ring II
Jet Pack II Jet Pack II item upgrade 1x Staff with Spy School
Jet Pack III Jet Pack III item upgrade Jet Pack II 2X Staff with Wizardry
Jousting Track II Jousting Track III item upgrade 1x Staff with Knight School
Jousting Track III Jousting Track III item upgrade Jousting Track II 2x Staff with Knight School
Magic Cauldron II Magic Cauldron II item upgrade 1X Staff with Wizardry
Magic Cauldron III Magic Cauldron III Magic Cauldron II 2x Staff with Wizardry
Mega-Hand II Mega-Hand II item upgrade 1X Staff with Robotics
Mega-Hand III Mega-Hand III Mega Hand II and 2X Staff with Robotics
Patisseriser II Patisseriser II item upgrade 1x Staff with Gastronomy
Patisseriser III Patisseriser III item upgrade Patisseriser II 2x Staff with Gastronomy
Robotics Project II Robotics Project II item upgrade 1x Staff with Robotics
Robotics Project III Robotics Project III item upgrade Robotics Project II 2X Staff with Robotics
Science Hub III Science Hub II item upgrade Science Hub II 2x Staff with Scientography
Spy Obstacle Courses II Science Hub III item upgrade 1x Staff with Spy School
Spy Obstacle Courses III Spy Obstacle Courses II item upgrade Spy Obsacle Courses II and 2x Staff with Spy School
Super Chef III Super Chef III item upgrade Super Cheff II and 2x Staff with Gastronomy
VR Platform II VR platform II item upgrade 1x Staff with Virtual Normality
VR Platform III VR platform III item upgrade VR Platform II and 2X Staff with Virtual Normality

How To Speed Up Research

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure the time taken on a particular Research is minimal.

  • Research and upgrade the Research Hub itself to make it more efficient.
  • Use any furniture in the lab that boosts the Research, like a Research Console.
  • Make sure that your staff is in the mood to work, you can do this by keeping them happy and energized and solely focused on the Research.
  • Make your staff more efficient in Researching by training them via the Training Room.

How to Unlock Campus Upgrades

To Upgrade a particular facility, for example, the Lectern, you’ll first have to research that particular upgrade. Only then can you execute the upgrade, at a price of course, and they don’t come cheap!

Once you get the research done, you’ll need a Janitor that has at least 1 level in Mechanics.

You can start the upgrade by heading over to the particular facility and hovering over the upgrade icon on top. This will show you all of the requirements for the upgrade, like how much money it’d cost (which is actually quite a lot) or what level Janitor in Mechanics is required. It’ll even show you how much time it’d take to complete the upgrade, which depends on the Janitor’s skill.

Once you’ve got all the requirements down, you can click the icon to start the upgrade. Remember that you’ll still be able to use the facility while it’s being upgraded, but the staff you used to upgrade it won’t be available for any other job during the upgrade.

This means that if you chose a particular Janitor to work on the upgrade, then you’ll be sacrificing the Campus’s attractiveness during the process as he wouldn’t be able to clean it up.

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