Trials of Mana Beginners Tips

These Trials of Mana Beginners Tips will explain every aspect of the remake of the game and show you the ropes in and out of combat

Trials of Mana Remake is finally out however the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining some of its core aspects. To help with that issue, we have prepared these Trials of Mana Beginners Tips to help you get started on your epic quest.

Trials of Mana Beginners Tips

Considering the action RPG nature of Trials of Mana, combat plays a huge role in it and knowing when and how to attack is key. These Trials of Mana tips and tricks will however focus on a lot more than just combat.

Select Your Party Members
Upon starting the game, you will have to select a party of three from the six characters in the game, and select your main character.

You’ll be able to take each character for a test play before picking the ones you want in your team.

You can pick any 3 characters you feel right with for your party if you wish, but this is what we recommend:

Pick Duran as the muscle of your team since he is capable of dealing high damage to enemies and their weaknesses.

Hawkeye can be used to target multiple enemies at once and finally, Riesz serves as excellent support to your team due to her buff allowing her to boost you party’s overall speed, power, defense, and magic.

Upgrade Your Party via Abilities
Once you’ve picked the squad of your liking, take them out in combat and help them level up.

Once they reach a higher point in their progress, you will receive Training Points (TP) which can be used to upgrade your characters in terms of different categories. This includes how strong they are and how much extra health they will have.

Abilities aren’t necessarily unlocked individually. If certain upgrades cost the same amount of TP then you will obtain both abilities that fall under that cost.

Plan in advance which upgrades you will be going for so that you can work towards obtaining them as you play.

We recommend keeping an eye out for Chain Abilities since the entire squad has access to any you unlock. Although you can only equip it on one character at a time, it’s still very useful to have. This is a great leveling up system.

Lock-On To Foes
Now we’re getting into the important stuff; the combat. This RPG will throw multiple foes at you so you will stand a better chance if you focus on a single target.

You can lock-on to a single foe by pressing R3 on a controller. Now the enemy will stay in the middle of the screen.

This is useful when you need to dodge the foes since being able to track their movement helps you plan yours. You can follow the strategy of dodging and hitting more successfully.

However we don’t recommend locking on if you’re about surrounded by a hoard of enemies. This is because focusing one target at a time may leave you vulnerable to the other enemies.

The game’s combat system is real-time so quick decisions matter a lot. This serves as a good segway to our next tip

Positioning In Battle
You will start facing progressively tougher foes as you play through the game. This is when positioning yourself will start becoming more and more important.

You will need to see where and how an enemy will attack you and then move accordingly.

Enemies will often telegraph their attacks with glowing red indicators. Keep your eye out for these and once you spot one, you should dodge roll out away from there.

You will want to do as much as damage as you possibly can so you should try to attack the foes from behind. This is because doing so grants your attacks additional damage.

The best way to get behind an enemy is to switch to the party member that is currently being ignored by the foe. Have that character get behind the beast and then start attacking it. This is a much easier alternative than simply waiting for the foe to attack and then dodging.

This strategy doesn’t apply to bosses, however. You will have to find their own unique weak points.

Use Class Strikes
This special attack is available for every character right from the start. They eat up about two gauges but deal a ton of damage to your foes.

This might seem like the kind of attack that you will want you to use minimally in order to preserve it, but that isn’t the case.

Seriously hurting or taking down enemies ends up the gauge back up. Pretty soon it will be filled completely and start glowing blue. Around this time, you should be ready to use it again.

Be Sure To Explore the Map
True RPG fans know that following the straight path through the game is the dullest way to play. There a ton of hidden things you can find by exploring the various areas on the map. You should visit the towns, forests and caverns to find these.

The Rabite Forest and Cascade Cavern, in particular, are areas where you may find something interesting so don’t hesitate to explore. You may find new equipment, items and even lucre.

You can keep yourself from getting lost by using the full-screen map to get a look at where you currently are. There is also another way for you to obtain some neat items.

Plant Seeds
Planting any seeds that you find throughout your exploration of the map is a great way of obtaining new items. Plant the seed in a magic pot, and they will grow a new item for you. Sometimes you’ll get healing items.

Each new item that you grow will improve your botany skills and then allow you to grow better things eventually.

Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to adjust to the gameplay of the Trials Of Mana Remake very easily.