Trials of Mana Best Riesz Classes Guide

This Trials of Mana Best Riesz Classes guide will be looking at different classes Riesz has. Each playable Riesz class provides an option to either inflict ailments on your enemy or buff your allies’ stats.

Trials of Mana Best Riesz Classes

We’ve stated the pros and cons so you can see which class for Riesz can best suit your needs.

Amazon – Base Class
Stronger than Hawkeye’s base class, Amazon can only attack and has appreciable stats for a starter class.

There isn’t much of a difference compared to other character’s base classes, and like all others, you don’t initially get any spells to start with.

Stats Points
STR 11
DEX 11
CON 10
INT 10
PIE 10

Valkyrie – Light Class
The first Light Class is Valkyrie which allows her to amplify her own stats for the purpose of increasing damage output. The four new spells will be able to increase various attributes for Riesz.

Stats Points
STR 17
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 15
PIE 16
LUC 14

Spells: Protect Up, Speed Up, Mind Up, Power Up.

The benefits that you get for adopting this class include the following:

  • Locked Ability: Army of One/Einherjar that Adds 1% of CS gauge when normal attack hits.
  • Class Strike: Lance Surge where the surging point of lance causes damage

Rune Maiden – Dark Class
Rune Maiden is the dark class for Riesz and instead of raising her own stats, she can apply debuffs to the enemy.

It’s pretty similar to Hawkeye’s Ninja Class, except that he can definitely do it better, so it’s best to go with him on that part instead of selecting Rune Maiden for Riesz.

Stats Points
STR 16
DEX 17
CON 16
INT 16
PIE 15
LUC 15

Vanadis – Light-Light Class
This class really brings out Riesz’ attack power. However, there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to this class, there aren’t a lot of spells to use.

You will gain a summon which shrinks your enemies down and also makes them worth 0 XP.

Stats Points
STR 20
DEX 19
CON 20
INT 17
PIE 19
LUC 16

Upon adopting this class you will unlock the following special abilities:

  • Locked Ability: Mana Blessing that recover 7% HP for all the allies in case you win the battle
  • Class Strike: Light Lance, a holy power that brings down lances from the sky dealing damage wherever they fall

Star Lancer – Light-Dark Class
Star Lancer can support her team very effectively by buffing all of them up fast. The multi-target is a big help and you can get your party-ready in just 4 moves.

Star Lancer also gets a summon which impacts the enemy with a silence stat.

Stats Points
STR 19
DEX 18
CON 20
INT 18
PIE 18
LUC 18

Spells: Marduk, Protect Up, Speed Up, Mind Up, Power Up.

The Special abilities that come if you change to this class are:

  • Locked Ability: Meteor Light which allows the effect to last till the battle ends and increases the status caused by move.
  • Class Strike: Meteor Thrust which create copies that has the power of stars and can jab at the enemy with super quick speeds

Dragon Master – Dark-Light Class
Dragon Master class for Riesz isn’t that big of an improvement over the Rune Maiden class, it does a good amount of damage, however, we would recommend you go with Star Lancer as it is simply a way better option.

Stats Points
STR 18
DEX 19
CON 20
INT 18
PIE 18
LUC 18

Spells: Jormungand.

The Special Abilities that come with this class as a benefit are:

  • Locked Ability: Persistent Effect which increases the attack damage by 20% when HP is 100%
  • Class Strike: Dragon Rend where a wave of a fighting energy in the form of a dragon come out from the tip of the spear and damages the enemy.

Fenrir Knight – Dark-Dark Class
Fenrir Knight allows you to buff multiple enemies at once contrary to being able to buff your allies in the Star Lancer class.

However, you will only ever be debuffing bosses, so there isn’t much use to having this ability.

Stats Points
STR 19
DEX 20
CON 20
INT 19
PIE 17
LUC 17

Spells: Lamia Naga, Protect Down, Speed Down, Mind Down, Power Down.

The benefits you achieve from this class are:

  • Locked Ability: Persistent Effect where the stat decrease from move effect till the end of the battle.
  • Class Strike: Raging Fury where an explosion of spirits thrusts through the lance and damages the enemy

Meteorite- Final Light Class
One of the highest classes of amazon having stamina of Vanadis and and the support abilities of Starlancer. Their ultimate support surely leads the party to victory.

The Special abilities unlocked include:

  • Locked Abililty: Light of Relief where 10% of Allies HP is recovered upon using Class Strike.
  • Class Strike: Elysium Slash, a holy power that brings a meteor from the sky inflicting heavy damage where it falls.

Brynhidr- Final Dark Class
One of the most advance classes of Amazon! These have the fighting abilities of the Fenrir Knights and have the attack power of Dragon Master. In battle, they are just unmatched.

The Special abilities unlocked include:

  • Locked Abililty: Surprise Aid which adds 35% of CS gauge for random ally upon using Class Strike.
  • Class Strike: Raptor Lance where a thunder strikes which is cloaked in a fighting spirit!

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