Trials of Mana Best Party Combinations Guide

When you start playing Square Enix’s remake of Trials Of Mana, the first thing you do is select your party. In this guide, we will suggest some Trials of Mana Best Party Combinations to help you out in all sorts of combat situations.

Trials of Mana Best Party Combinations

You’ll pick a party of three from the six total characters and select your main character. You’ll be able to take each character for a test play before picking the ones you want in your team.

To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve listed the best possible party combination. The best party combination consists of these 3 characters:

Duran (Berserker)
Duran will serve as the muscle of your team. The focus is on dealing high damage to enemies so that makes Duran an excellent attacker. The Edelfrei Elemental Saber Buffs allow you to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Hawkeye (Vigilante)
This character can be used to target multiple enemies at once. The Nightblade debuff from Hawkeye helps in inflicting silence and attacking multiple groups of foes.

Riesz (Meteorite)
This character’s buffs make her excellent support to your team. The Starlancer buff from Riesz allows her to boost you party’s overall speed, power, defense, and magic.

These three character choices make the best all-around party since you get to deal a lot of damage and have a lot of support to cover yourself. You can pick any 3 characters you feel right with for your party if you wish, but this is what we recommend.