Trials of Mana Item Seeds Guide

Buying items through stores isn’t the only way to acquire them Trials of Mana. Provided you have Trials of Mana Item Seeds, you can utilize them to gain benefits in and out of combat as we will demonstrate in this guide.

Trials of Mana Item Seeds

Trials of Mana Remake has tons of items that you can find and use for combat. The most conventional method is to buy them from stores straight, however, there is a second way, that is cheaper to get items and loot.

This is through the item seeds dropped by enemies. Though they can be used as dietary supplements, their true worth lies in planting them.

Getting the Seeds and Rarity
Seeds are a common loot in the game and will be dropped by many enemies throughout the game. These item seeds, however, differ in their rarity.

Rare seeds have a higher chance of dropping rare and better loots, while common seeds have a lesser chance. The drop by item seeds is random, so you need to depend on these chances to get better gear.

Farming Item Seeds
These item seeds need to be planted first, and the plant that grows drops the items. Now, these cannot be planted anywhere.

You need to plant them in the Magic pot, which is present in inns in the game. The plant instantly grows from the seeds, so you don’t really have to worry about losing precious time

Leveling Up Magic Pots
Every time you use a Magic pot, it gains progression towards a new level. The higher the level of the pot, the higher chances will you have of enemies dropping seeds. Of course, this again increases your chances of a better loot in one way.

The more item seeds you have, the more chances. Remember that the level is interconnected among all the pots in every inn. So you don’t need to worry about using only a single pot.

Seed Types

Name Chance for a Rare Drop How to Obtain
Item Seed Low Chance Rabbits and Goblins
Silver Item Seed Moderate Chance Sahagin
Gold Item Seed Good Chance
Rainbow Item Seed Best Chance High-Level enemies such as Nighblades, Wolf Lords and Lesser Demons

It is better to farm item seeds in late-game areas to get Rainbow Seeds. This increases your chances to farm much better items.

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